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This is an extraordinary online writer’s course of exquisite quality. Not just on writing but communicating, how to use words to move people, motivate, broaden horizons, build bridges and bring people together.

It’s through writing and writer’s words that this can happen.

That is what this course is all about!

Study with Dr. Jeffrey Lant. One of the top writers of the world.

A man who has published more words than Shakespeare,

A man who moves people worldwide!

Dr. Lant will show you exactly how you too can achieve this objective. Something the average writer doesn’t even know about.

There is also a special emphasis on writing family stories that make your beloved live again and soar.

For the last over 60 years Dr. Lant have been writing stories about his family, including his grandparents, his father, his mother, his two siblings and his only niece and nephew. He has written biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, commentaries and recollections focusing on relatives, friends, neighbors, employers, co-workers, room mates, teachers, pastors, coaches, and more. And let’s be clear, he didn’t forget pets either! Stories like that of his pet Peking Duck, George Quacker, who used to fly to greet him and retail all the news upon the arrival home from school.

In his stories they all live, and live forever. He has now written hundreds of stories about these people. The repertoire includes stories that make you cry and stories that make you split your trousers laughing, because, you see, it’s all part of what makes you and every member of your extended family tick.

Hardly a day goes by that folks from all over the world don’t come and ask Dr. Lant “How can I write like you write? How can I keep the people I love alive, like you do?”.

Learn the art of writing with Dr. Jeffrey Lant in what will become the most important class you ever take and the most lucrative.

“No man but a block head ever wrote, except for money.” Boswell: Life of Samuel Johnson

Let me be very clear with you on Dr. Lant’s point of view. He didn’t just write, no matter how satisfying, he also wrote for money. In fact, during his prolonged writing career, he has made millions of dollars scribbling! Yes, Millions!

And here’s the best thing of all. He did it without compromising his exacting standards.

He wrote what needed to be said… and he did so with integrity.

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Write to persuade.

Write to motivate.

Write to profit.

Friend, until you learn how to use words to


you will NEVER profit online — or else.

99% of the people reading this are unable to profit.

Why? Because they do not know and cannot use the
words they need.

Ignore this and you’re one of them.

OR you can respond and get world-renowned wordslinger
to help you and pulverize your slow-witted competition.

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Now Dr. Lant is ready to spill the beans sharing with you experiences, tactics, stratagems, secrets and insights it has taken him a full, rich and productive lifetime to accumulate.

He is going to tell you precisely what you need to write, to create the kind of meaningful, elegant and memorable prose you desire.

Now this will not take a few hours, days or weeks.

To become a master means working like a master.There are techniques to be learned and the ongoing editing and rewriting that will turn the merely pedestrian into the memorable, the grand, and the glorious.

YOU are capable of this, but only if you’re willing to rise above poor work habits and accepting the mediocre.

What I outlined here are the enemies, we can all fight them, but we must focus here, now and forever, uprooting that which is merely “good enough.” Only the good, the true, the honest are good enough.

It is Dr. Lant’s pleasure to assist your achievement of them.
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Here’s an outline of just SOME of what you get with Writers Secrets Course. You must master each part to succeed as a writer.

1) How to begin successfully.

2) A room of your own.

3) No interruptions!

4) Prepare tonight to get started in the morning.

5) How music can put you in the mood.

6) Setting a quota — and achieving it.

7) Writing when you feel like it. Writing when you don’t.

8) Gathering your facts. Knowing which to use; which not.

9) Kill the telephone and all related interruptions.

10) Write. Save. Rewrite.

11) A quick lesson on words.

12) Never force your writing.

13) Start your day by editing what you wrote yesterday.

14) Need oxygen? Dance!

15) Creating punchy titles.

16) How to write a knock-out opening paragraph.

17) Knowing and using the right word.

18) Are you writing the truth?

19) Take a break: brainstorm future article subjects.

20) How to use music.

21) The dictionary is your friend.

22) Wikipedia. How to use it.

23) On adjectives.

24) The importance of convenient line length.

25) Fact first. Getting them. Arranging them. Using them.

26) Writing about Mother.

27) Writing about other family members and friends.

28) Writing about pets.

29) Benefiting from my memoirs, “A Connoisseur’s Journey.”

30) Becoming the emotion meister.

31) Reviewing your bad habits. If you don’t write regularly, you cannot improve.

32) Research gives your writing heft and teeth.

33) Reading your words for maximum impact.

34) How to make characters you create real.

35) Think and act like a literary star before you are.

36) How to deal with criticism.

37) Read other authors… then read some more. Make it a point to read more than you write.

38) Thanking the people who helped you… ahem!

And more, more, more.

A prime model and text for the course is the most astonishing memoir you may ever read, by a writer you will want to meet and befriend, not just read. That author is Dr. Jeffrey Lant, His memoir is A Connoisseur’s Journey – Being the Artful Memoirs of a Man of Wit, Discernment, Pluck and Joy

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A Connoisseur’s Journey – Being the Artful Memoirs of a Man of Wit, Discernment, Pluck and Joy is a MUST!

After all you too will be writing a lot about yourself and this pace-setting memoirs gives you a superb model. Surely you will want to have that dash and polish, too.

Dr.Lant's_pic_newerNow, let’s take an even closer look at what this old hand is prepared to give you with Writers Secrets  Course, invaluable information he had to learn the hard way, given to you so you’ll be way ahead…

1) An invitation to connect with Dr.Lant . Also the 35  recordings posted for 24/7/365 easy action.

2) Dozens of articles by Dr. Lant which provides detailed models and examples you can study to improve what you write.

3) Interactive sessions where you can ask Dr. Lant questions based on student writing. This can be excruciating but the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is crucial. Yes, Dr. Lant will show you that, too.

But here’s the deal! If you are sitting there complaining about spending not even $50 bucks, please move on. We’re here to help people who really want and need it.

Get a Sampling of what a Member receives with your FREE Copy of

“How to Be a Writer Who Makes Money, Flies High and Dazzles the Folks Back Home. Oh Yeah!” by Dr.Jeffrey Lant

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Learn more about Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

1) He’s written thousands of articles on a very wide variety of topics. See them at http://writerssecrets.com/vault/

2) His books are available worldwide. They deal with virtually every kind of writing, including copy writing, marketing, public relations, fund raising and much more.

3) He has taught expository writing at Harvard University (from which he graduated in 1969 with an M.A. and Ph.D. in 1975).

Some of the colleges and universities he has taught at include Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern University, University of Maine, University of Vermont, Chatham College, University of Pittsburgh, Case Western Reserve, Eastern Michigan University, Jacksonville Community College, University of Minnesota, University of Oklahoma, Southern Methodist University, University of New Orleans, and many more.

There’s more, lots more!

His writing has been published in thousands of professional publications worldwide, not to mention providing the skills needed for the scripts he created for his syndicated program on the Business Radio Network and independent stations nationwide and beyond. It is his proud boast that every word he wrote makes money and gets published, one way or another!

Say it with music.

Dr. Lant is a leading expert in how to integrate music into your prose to increase its impact. If for no other reason than this you must read Dr. Lant’s memoirs carefully. They are the cutting edge of enabling you to create programs of awe that touch the heart. It is his pleasure to tell you of people of rank, position and influence who know how important this is.

“Dr. Jeffrey Lant. On behalf of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I congratulate you on the release of your Memoir, ‘A Connoisseur’s Journey’. Your work is a groundbreaking experiment into the use of musical citations in literature, adding depth and nuance to the reading experience.” August 18, 2015. (Signed) Charles D. Baker, Governor, and Karyn E. Polito, Lieutenant Governor.”

He will also teach you how to read your work to move an audience, including the international audience that is yours to conjure, enthrall, and maintain. You don’t get these features anywhere else. And for just a few pennies a day!

Want even more?

Dr. Lant will show you how to master and use language for maximum effect. You will also learn how to move the emotions of your readers and turn them into life-long fans.

You’ll learn words you must always use… and words you should never use.

And, of course, there is more.

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Even more…

See the master at his craft with video snippets of the creation of “A Connoisseur’s Journey”

Snippets Caught of “A Connoisseur’s Journey – Being the Artful Memoirs of a Man of Wit, Discernment, Pluck and Joy” in the Making

A masterfully written, totally unique style of memoir, which took over a year in the making. Written live on screen and caught in video snippets available now for you to see the unfolding of this fascinating memoir – “A Connoisseur’s Journey – Being the artful memoirs of a man of wit, discernment, pluck and joy” by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

  • Get over 40 video snippets of Dr. Lant live from the Worldprofit Live Business Center – the birthplace in the creation of “A Connoisseur’s Journey”
  • See the master at his craft developing his totally unique style of creating a memoir
  • Learn of his writer’s team, his choice of musical selections for each segment of his book, his thorough research using the power of the internet in a way never been done before
  • Follow the unfolding of this book chapter by chapter with readings by the author, Dr. Lant and some of his writing team, fresh after just having been written

Get your copies NOW! Go to: http://writerssecrets.com/memoir-creation-2/


WORKING WITH DR. LANT – An honest look at a unique force of nature.
by Patrice Porter, Manager, www.writerssecrets.com

The first thing you need to know is that each and every one of
these words is apt, true, and honest.

Perfectionist, tenacious, lovable, affectionate (but don’t tell him you
know it), rude, occasionally “blue” but always by choice, never random.
“A gentleman,” he says , “is only vulgar by design, to make his point.”

He’s awesomely smart (remember those two Harvard degrees).
He cries easily and is quick to hug, though he claims that skill came
from his programs nationwide, where he hugged hundreds in a day;
definitely not the product of is Illinois Methodist background.

He “cares”, though he winces when people say so, and they frequently
do. He says everybody cares about something so there is no
special merit in that, but this is a conceit which masks his profound
belief that we are all creeping closer minute by minute to the end of
our tattered Earth… and that we must all care more, do more, give

In short we all should be in constant yellow alert. He certainly is, and
his often cynical admonitions and observations are a form of love…
loving Iin his very practical way.

More descriptive words

Pushy, obnoxious, over confident, cocksure, dramatic, melodramatic,
frugal, extravagant, thinks others can do what he can, when they most
assuredly cannot. Hard hitting, hard laughing, hardworking, quaffing
the hearty elixir that is life, and sharing its secrets with like-minded
people worldwide..

He is a good friend, a harsh, lingering adversary, cherubic, Machiavellian,
shrewd, wicked clever, generous to a fault, careless about money,
because he knows money, man-made – is the easiest thing in the world to
get, when you know how!

Thus, focused the while, for over 60 years in thousands of articles and media
programs, he has provided precise counsel on getting ahead and living better,
the loadstar of his life, on the air, and off. He is incapable of writing nothing
but airy platitudes; he always has a goal in his pen. And he writes to achieve

More details and descriptions.

He demands the best of himself, maintaining standards at once awesome
and daunting. He demands the best of you; toward this end he works, works
more, works until he gets it right. Then he lavishes praise all round, on anyone
who has aided the endeavor.

He never forgets the “little people”. They confer the stature that makes
leaders, and always looks in their eyes where truth resides. They need his
faith and strength; he remembers each day how to sustain and maintain them…
and gives them with a lavish hands and heart-felt gratitude.

He writes eloquently, speaks movingly, and as one astonished visitor
proclaimed as if he had made a discovery no one ever noted before, “He
treats everyone the same, sovereign or serf.” When told of this remark,
he said it was the nicest compliment he had ever received. I told him it was
not a compliment at all, just the plain, unvarnished truth, the better for all that,
accepting the encomium with gratitude..

For the duration.

Now it’s time to meet Dr. Jeffrey Ladd Lant, that ebullient life force. Before
you go to www.writerssecrets.co I have my own special secret to impart.
Search online for John Williams’ soaring masterpiece, the score for
“E.T.”, particularly the chase and farewell scenes. Play it now and listen
as I have seen him listen in his opulent office, The Blue Room.

Each note summons a tear and the tears soon fall pure and cleansing,
as he listens to Williams’ theme for ordinary heroes in their extraordinary
adventure. The Blue Room is immediately redolent of valor and courage;
comradeship and unselfish love. I am privileged to be a part of his
great crusade, nothing less than universal improvement at stake.

Join him, join us now. It may well be the most exalted and exciting thing
you ever do, the very making of your life.

Click here. www.writerssecrets.co

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Available at: http://bringoutthepotential.com



Writers Secrets

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All rights reserved


  1. “Mere words cannot express…” until you have the privilege of being guided by The Master of His Art. Indeed, an honor, and a treat.

  2. Many people on the internet found Dr Lant to be harsh and insulting, however using this approach is his way of getting people to take action, by shocking them if need be, and refusing to accept they have no money which he views as the flimsiest of excuses
    His brash offhanded approach is only a small part of this complex genius, who not only accepts nothing but the highest of standards from himself, but also demands the same from you; but he also has the knack of bringing the best out of you, even though you didn’t know it was there
    It is only when you acquire the honour and privilege of working alongside him that you begin to see the depth of his character, his passion, and his devoted obsession with past historical figures
    Not with mere facts that can be found within dusty history book, rather he searching into their personal lives and writes in such a way as to re-kindle the long gone flame of life
    Allowing each person from the past to live again through his passionate writing, be it for a fleeting moment, and also allowing them to live on for ever within his articles and his books

  3. Dr. Lant is a master of the written and spoken word. He tells it how it is. When word sparring with Dr. Lant you will lose, but you will learn more than even you thought you could. This is one of the best programs online for learning how to write and speak. Dr. Lant does not just share words, he turns them into music with passion.

  4. It is only when you acquire the honour and privilege of working alongside him that you begin to see the depth of his character, his passion, and his devoted obsession with past historical figures
    Not with mere facts that can be found within dusty history book, rather he searching into their personal lives and writes in such a way as to re-kindle the long gone flame of life
    Allowing each person from the past to live again through his passionate writing, be it for a fleeting moment, and also allowing them to live on for ever within his articles and his books

  5. In 2011 I happened upon Dr Lant at WorldProfit.I am no longer a member of WorldProfit because I am not that interested in Internet Marketing.Writing,however, has always been one of my greatest interests.During my short involvement with WorldProfit,I learned so much from Dr Lant,as I watched him live,compose his articles.

    And now after these many years of not seeing him,I am so delighted to find him again,but in this new Writers Secrets setting.

    I am eager to learn more,so that I become a better scribbler.My goal in life has been to convey ideas,to get people to look outside of their own mind sets.So much of peoples beliefs are formed by emotion with no true thought and educated reason.This is the only reason I’ve joined Writers Secrets;for inspiration and to learn from a master writer.

    Looking forward to our journey together.


    Xan Bennett

  6. I met Dr Lant over 4 years ago and upon meeting him, I was very impressed with his command of the written text and his amazing ability to use words to express himself. I did have the opportunity to spend countless hours with Dr Lant as part of his writing team and in the process several things occurred.
    1. I was abused and insulted.
    2. I was beat up and sometimes humiliated.
    3. I was mad and very angry and hurt.
    Now most people would have left and never returned but I knew that Dr Lant was a great friend and cared much for me. How you might ask? It takes a true friend to see the potential inside you and say the things you need to hear and not want to hear.
    It takes a true friend to care enough about you to press you into becoming who he knows you can be.
    It takes a real person, a true person of honor and valor, to tell you the truth so you can be successful.
    And this is what Dr Lant did for me. He told me the truth and forced em to see it. And by doing so, I became a better person, marketer and preacher.
    I found that Dr Lant cares so much about our success, he would rather risk the relationship than to hold back any of the essentials that will make us successful.
    If more people cared as much as Dr Lant does, people everywhere across the internet would achieve success.
    Dr Jeffrey Lad Lant, My Friend, My Mentor, My Brother.
    Meet him, experience him, learn from him, and you will have success.
    Thank you Dr Lant.

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