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Get Rid of That Drudgery of Marketing Your Work With These Fun Ideas

Getting your book written is hard enough but once complete in comes the chore of marketing your book. Does marketing need to be a chore?

Change your mind set a bit and start thinking of some fun ways you can market your book.

How about throwing a party, a book launch party, inviting all your  friends, best clients and anyone else you can think of. We held an online party at Writers Secrets in our Live Center at: Lot’s of fun! We held a Salon there too.

Do up a short video of your book or a whole webinar teaching some of it’s principles.

Make a slideshow to share on Slideshare. Things like this can be fun using your creative abilities.

Make up a contest for your book, you’ll be surprised at some of the interesting entries you may get.

Figure out ways that will work for you with your limited time and fit’s your audience.

Thanks to Vitaly Greyman for these ideas. See more at the source Vitaly Greyman



Here’s a Simple Way to Get Your Book Off the Ground and Moving Up to Completion.

There is the idea of writing a book then there is the actual writing of the book. You may be full of ideas and chopping at the bit to get those ideas in writing but let’s slow down a bit and get your writing process in a flow creating strong writing from beginning to end.

Your first step for getting your book writing off the ground is the outline which let’s you see the whole picture and the parts that make it up.

This allows you to avoid having a weak middle or losing your readers at the end because you didn’t deliver the ending you had lead them to.

For an outlining method that makes for ease of the writing process and is one used by Hollywood screenplay writers, check this been-there-done-that video below and let me know what you think. Make sure to go on to see how to move up the pyramid of composing your book beneath the video.

So you’ve got your outline now lets work your way through it starting with the basics of character and plot and move your way up to the proper grammar and word choice as illustrated below.


Pyramid source: DIY MFA

Authors and Creative People – Geniuses or have a Genie – H-m-m!

Choose to be an author or artist and people start to question you about why you’d want to be an author and aren’t you afraid that you might not succeed, how would you face the humiliation of rejection or all the work you are doing will never amount to anything.

Thoughts like that may plague you as an author or creative person  and you may start to think things like “this is going to be the worst book ever ” or if you’ve had a success – “Will I ever write or create at that height again?”

Best selling author Elizabeth Gilbert had that success with her book “Eat, Pray, Love” and was confronted with those fears and people asking her if she’s afraid that her best work was behind her now.

Elizabeth has a very interesting take on that. She looks back into history and the changes that have come about that puts a real burden on those gifted with creativity.

I love the new perspective she gave me on the creative writing process. Check it out in Elizabeth Gilbert on Ted Talks. Let me know what you think in the comment box below. Ole to Elizabeth and all you creative people out there!




Semper paratus. What every boy scout knows will help you create blog copy that can be used forever while you (and rightly) congratulate yourself, smartie.

From article series. Articles for every occasion.

Author’s program note. My mother used regularly to bring down the house when she’d say “When I was a cub scout (when Abe Lincoln was president)…” and then her usual sharp-as-a-tack observation on any subject under the sun. We’d all laugh and knew POM (Poor Old Mother) was chipper indeed, all being well.

So I can affirm that when she was a cub scout, when Honest Abe was president, every one of those scouts, as a matter of urgent priority, knew at least two words of Latin… “semper paratus,” always ready.

And I am glad to tell you that our ship-shape lads and lassies of the United States Coast Guard know these words as well. Which is why this vital part of the nation’s defenses uses them, enshrined as they are in a bouncy composition, as peppy and upbeat as America itself. It seems the lyrics were written first by Captain Francis Saltus Van Boskerck in 1922. The music was composed later, in 1927, on a “beat-up old piano” while his ship was stationed in Unalaska, Alaska, which is no doubt this burg’s undying (and perhaps only) claim to fame.

But here the puzzles and conundra begin. Why did Homer Smith, that busy body, change the lyrics in 1943, jarring the spirit and eternal serenity of Captain Francis, only to have his words rewritten again in 1969? Perhaps “paratus” wasn’t as “semper” as they thought.

And here, I must add yet another “semper”, an admonition to all writers, artists and composers who value the calm and peace of their auditors and readers: please, I implore you, having finished your opus, record for inquiring humanity the facts about it, who wrote it, your birth (and sad to say death) date, the circumstances of its creation, etc. anything, in fact, which will impart to all eternity key facts about your inspired work. If you do this, you are sure to get — and keep — the undying credit you deserve. And isn’t this, after all, what you want?

Before commencing this article, go to any search engine and play that rousing “Semper Paratus” march… sing along, too, with the lyrics that will help turn your blog into a great money machine, the cynosure of every discerning eye:

” ‘Semper Paratus’ is our guide, Our fame, our glory, too. To fight to save, or fight and die!”

The vital importance not merely of having a blog… but of having a growing archive of material you can use in your blog, re-use, and use yet again.

This article was inspired by an article I wrote August 22, 2011 on Moammar Khadafy, the collapse of his murderous regime, and my commentary on what this important event meant for Libya, its peoples, and the world. It was blogged just as the capital city of Tripoli was freed, for the first time in over 4 decades of barbarism. The article was timely, powerful, valid, prophetic. As such, it generated widespread interest and tens of thousands of reader comments and heartfelt reactions. It also provided a means for the people allowed to blog it to publish their ads along with this insightful article, just as any other publisher bringing this story to their readers… and making money simultaneously; the essential formula for successful blogging.

For these traditional publishers their article on the fall of Tripoli and the regime of repression and death, was run once and once only… but for the blog publishers running this article, these wise folks acquired not merely an article… but a tool they could use for weeks, months and even years to come… with only the need to write a new, timely preface and their own observations matured as events progressed and developed.

Your first task is to stop thinking of yourself as a traditional periodical publisher and think instead of yourself as an innovative blog publisher, supremely knowledgeable and clever about, first, writing and publishing, and, then, updating and re-using every single word you write.

Here then are the crucial steps you must take to take advantage — remember, for months and years ahead — of your golden words.

1) Write regularly. Personally, I write at least 18-20 new blog articles each and every month. Each article is approximately 1,500 words in length and fits into one of the over 25 subject categories in which I write blog commentary. These subjects range from American politics, to literature, music, world history and events, appreciations for the lives and achievements of famous people… and people you have never heard of… and many more. The more topics you write on, the more people will be glad to receive your blog… and read and respond to the ads which you simultaneously send. And, remember, sending these ads… and reaping the rewards that accrue as a result… is a prime reason for publishing your blog in the first place.

2) Develop a file of headlines and prefaces to accompany each (re-used) article. Use language like this:

Back by popular demand!

Our readers loved this article the first time round, you’ll love it, too.

We received thousands of responses from this article. Here it is again… read it and please respond at once.

New developments on (subject). That’s why you’ll want to read this and respond at once.

Get the picture?

You need to open a file and regularly add verbiage designed to motivate, excite, and enthuse your readers… and you must always be alert to motivating configurations of language… and, of course, adding them to this file at once… never trusting to frail and fallible human memory.

3) Now pay attention to the world and its events by following the well-known all news channels and, of course, online sources. Your job is to be aware of what’s happening… then pull articles on the same or related topics from your archive, update, then blog them.. along with your ad copy… as fast as you can. One of my esteemed and smart colleagues, Alan Schmitt of San Diego, California is a whiz at this.

He was watching CNN when the news broke about the death of dictator Khadafy. He went to my blog at as he was authorized and entitled to do… and within 5 minutes had pulled the article, read it, made his comments and blogged it… to gratifying and profitable results. He just informed me that he did the same thing today using an important article on the New Hampshire primary I wrote some months ago, as part of my series on American politics. Again, simply by adding a few words, he squeezed more gold and benefit from this timely article. Bravissimo!

Now get started! Because now you are indeed “semper paratus”… ready to jump on and profit from a constantly growing number of articles which can easily be updated… and so turned, time and again, to money in your pocket. For in the words of that perky march, today’s occasional music, “We’re always ready for the call.”

” High shall our purpose be, ‘Semper Paratus’ is our guide.”… along, you may be sure, with the acute guidelines and recommendations of this article, too!

–> Your response to this article is requested. What do you think? Let me know by posting your comments below.

* * * * *
About The Author

Dr. Jeffrey Lant is known worldwide. He started in the media business when he was 5 years old, a Kindergartner in Downers Grove, Illinois, publishing his first newspaper article. Since then Dr. Lant has earned four college degrees, including the PhD from Harvard. He has taught at over 40 colleges and universities, quite possibly the first to offer satellite courses. He has written over 20 books, thousands of articles and been a welcome guest on hundreds of radio and television programs. He has founded several successful corporations and businesses including his latest at …

His memoirs “A Connoisseur’s Journey” have garnered five prizes that ensure its classic status. Its subtitle is “Being the artful memoirs of a man of wit, discernment, pluck, and joy.” You’ll enjoy the read by this man of so many letters. Such a man can offer you thousands of insights into the business of becoming a successful writer. Be sure to sign up  at

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7 Reasons Why You As An Author Should Be Blogging

Many people see blogs as a great place to express their opinions.

Now let’s take that one step further and look at the many other benefits blogging has for authors or want to be authors.

7 Reasons For Authors to Blog

1. You develop a following. Your new content given on a regular basis gives your readers a reason to stay connected with you and your topic.

2. You create tentacles. Write content that engages people and brings them to your website. Make sure to include your share buttons to make it easy for people to spread your content around.

3. Earn better search engine results. Google and other search engines love fresh content to categorize. The more active and relevant your blogging is the higher ranking your search results.

4 Hone your craft. To become a good writer you need to be writing and what better way then to apply your craft with your weekly blogs.

5. Produce material for future books. At we have developed a 7 step processes for easily creating profitable eBook going from idea to blog posting to article, chapters, eBooks and on to profits.Get in Now and catch the prelaunch special. Go to

6. You will get to know your industry. You’ll want to position yourself as a resource for your topic which will make you always on the lookout for news, trends, and fresh ideas relatete to your subject matter. This makes you even more of an expert and a go to person!

7. You will create interaction and community with your readers. With blogging you can have a space for people to leave comments. Your blog posts are excellent for sharing on your Facebook page too to have people sharing it. ( you do have a Facebook page right! Follow Writers Secrets at )

Thanks to Book Baby for these tips.

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Branding Yourself Made Easy

One of the easiest ways to brand yourself is through eBooks – the new business card  which people won’t lose or throw out like they do cards!  for getting your message and stories out to the world through eBooks.

As an author your main focus should be on writing your book. Then you need to know what will be your next five moves for that book. Once you have those in place write your next book and get your marketing strategies down for that one then repeat and repeat again.

Here’s 3 questions to ask yourself that are worth digging deep for the answers. These will help develop your marketing strategies.

  1. Why did you write this book? – This adds a human element and some emotion to the dry facts.
  2.  Who did you write this book for? – This gives you your targeted audience.
  3. What are you willing to do for this book? – Make a list of your promotional possibilities and impossibilities.

Thank you to Book Baby for these tips.

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Flex. Pose. Flex again. And smile. An article you must read if you think you’ve got what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Part of Article Series with articles for every occasion.

Author’s program note. To be honest with you, I hated working for people. I hated taking orders. I hated doing the things my bosses wanted me to… rather than the things I wanted to do. And as for the word “boss” it made me sick. So, I had only these choices: grin and bear it, working for the man because I needed the bucks… becoming a beach bum… or working for myself. And that, of course, is the alternative I selected… because knuckling under just doesn’t work for me… and I burn way too easily and was always bored laying around outside.

Thus becoming a (rich) entrepreneur was my only alternative. Yes, rich because failure was never an option. But how to pull it off?

Donna Summer helps.

In 1983, Disco Diva Donna Summer, the notorious Queen of every night and desire, came out with a song that forced the attention of every person who saw life and its golden options slipping away while they stayed in the indentured servitude called a job. To get started, Donna had herself run away from everything she knew in Boston seeking destiny. As such she made the choice as clear as clear could be. Keep bending the knee and saying “yes sir” to a jack ass…  or exercise your God- given right to fly and fly high. It was your choice, she said. Seize it.

The tune was “She Works Hard For The Money”… and Donna spat it out, challenging the folks in her audience who said they wanted more… but just couldn’t break away from their dead-beat reality.

But I could. I had to. My back was against the wall. The very best position to be in to start one’s trek to success. And so I quit my hated day job as a college administrator and took the Red Line to Park Street. I walked up Beacon Hill, where so many of the aspiring had walked over the centuries and plunked down $100 to file my corporate papers. It was my last, my only $100, and my pride (to say nothing else) made failure unthinkable because had it occurred its consequences would have been unendurable.

And so I embraced success like the life preserver it was. For me, this meant writing. Over the course of my life I have written 18 books and over a thousand articles. But not one of these scribblings is as important as “The Consultant’s Kit: Establishing and Operating Your Successful Consulting Business.” It was the little seed from which everything else grew.

consultants_kitBoston Center for Adult Education.

From the very first moment I arrived in Cambridge in the fall of 1969, I realized that I’d need extra money to supplement the fellowship Harvard gave me to pay for my graduate studies. The easiest way for me to get it was to teach, and so I established a beneficial relationship with BCAE, which soon discovered that my ideas for classes pulled in the students and made them money. Thus, they were always receptive to my suggestions, one of which was a full-day Saturday workshop on consulting. It was popular right from the start. But there was a problem… I talked much faster than the participants could write… and they were always complaining about how much they were missing and “Could you please slow down, Dr. Lant?”

The solution was not slowing down… it was writing, and as quickly as possible, a book that offered every step you needed to take to become a successful, money- making problem-solver. In those dim, distant days this is how I did it: I wrote the book by hand, then typed the pages, a bottle of miracle-working white-out always near at hand. Then I took it to the copy-shop in Harvard Square… where I arranged to pick up 30 copies or so on my way to the workshop. I couldn’t wait to see the fruit of my brain and nimble fingers.

“Dr. Jerry Lant.”

But when I saw the book, bound in heavy blue construction paper, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It said “by Dr. Jerry Lant.” My composure melted…

You see, for my entire life many people have pronounced my name “Jerry” although it most clearly isn’t. And today this error caused real pain and acute irritation. The copy meister checked the work order, saw it was his problem, and went to work with a will, ripping off the covers. “Don’t worry, sir. We’ll fix the problem. How much time have we got? HOW MUCH?” And so I entered the self-publishing business ripping my cherished volume to accommodate new covers…

… which were delivered on time but wet… and smeared… and woebegone.

But here’s the punch line: at day’s end, I had, at $35 per copy, over $1000 in my hand, a fortune. But more important was the fact even in their primitive presentation they sold at a very profitable price, thereby indicating that I was on the right road. The question was whether I would continue to publish the book myself or enter into a contract with a traditional publishing company.

The Agent.

About this time a friend introduced me to a very energetic and hard-working book agent who was looking to build his portfolio and income. He looked like “the cat in the hat” and was as imaginative and insinuating. A consultant himself, he liked “The Consultant’s Kit” at once and asked me if he could peddle it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I agreed. And about as quick as the Emperor Augustus said “boiled asparagus”, he told me he had a publisher for me, a big one. Could I come to New York and ink the deal? I was on the LaGuardia shuttle in no time… and was soon shaking hands with my certain-to-be editor at McGraw Hill, the largest business book publisher in the world. My Harvard- honed ego had the right publisher… or had it?

The publisher waxed poetic, the agent seconded his every word… a sizable advance, which I could well use, was promised… all that was missing was my signature. But the more I heard, the less I wanted to proceed. You see, if the largest business book publisher on earth liked my book, why shouldn’t I keep publishing it myself… getting far more than standard commissions, reaping all?

And so I startled both these gentlemen by saying no. Whereupon the cat pulled me into the corridor and gave me a ringing piece of his mind, I can hear to this day. “Are you crazzeeeee man?” Back in the editor’s office, he uttered the most telling of put-downs: “But you know nothing about publishing, nothing about distribution.” My response, “I can learn.”

And so I kissed the biggest advance of my life good-bye and left Manhattan hearing their lurid predictions and imprecations ringing in my brain.

“This book is better than sex!”, real marketing muscle.

Having made my bed so must I now lay in it, and here inspiration struck. For I had a friend who was always pestering me to help get him a better job than being a waiter. Now I had one… and by the next day, he was outfitted in a skin tight t-shirt emblazoned with a picture of the book and these magnetic words: “This book is better than sex!” His job was to take his hunky physique and show it off in every one of Harvard Square’s then-numerous book stores, posing and smiling until he had an order.

And if there were questions, he was to call me and we’d sort it out as we went. “What is our discount rate?” “What was our returns policy?” We worked it out question by question as he smiled, flexed, and got orders… and, more importantly sales, for this baby sold like hot cakes, even at Harvard Business School where one irritated professor asked me in the snidest possible way why my book, however ungainly, sold where his more learned tome did not. “Because I show them how the real world works and how they can master it for maximum gain… and yours doesn’t.” He left fuming…

Over $1,000,000 in my pocket.

Thus my empire grew and prospered, built on guts, bulging biceps and a willingness to do whatever it took… “The Consultant’s Kit” alone netting me over a cool million dollars. And like Donna Summer, I did it while dancing, for “working hard for the money” would never be enough…. joy and bliss needed to be part of the mix, and with me they always were. Go now to any search engine and listen to the lady and prepare to dance. It’s what successful entrepreneurs do.. and gladly so.

by Dr.Jeffrey Lant

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey Lant is known worldwide. He started in the media business when he was 5 years old, a Kindergartner in Downers Grove, Illinois, publishing his first newspaper article. Since then Dr. Lant has earned four college degrees, including the PhD from Harvard. He has taught at over 40 colleges and universities, quite possibly the first to offer satellite courses. He has written over 20 books, thousands of articles and been a welcome guest on hundreds of radio and television programs. He has founded several successful corporations and businesses including his latest at …

His memoirs “A Connoisseur’s Journey” have garnered five prizes that ensure its classic status. Its subtitle is “Being the artful memoirs of a man of wit, discernment, pluck, and joy.” You’ll enjoy the read by this man of so many letters. Such a man can offer you thousands of insights into the business of becoming a successful writer. Be sure to sign up now at

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Fun Activity and Learning Opportunity to Do with Your Kids

An excellent activity and learning opportunity to do with your children or grandchildren is to write a children’s book together. They can be so fun to create.

My granddaughter loves for me to tell her stories then she in turn will make up a story to tell me.

We love doing character building with tips from Dr. Lant over at to really making your characters come alive. My granddaughter has such an imagination, as most children do, and really gets into imagining she is one of the characters for our book.

Next point bought up in Dr. Lant’s writing class  – Take in all the details around you for these can become important pieces of information to add to your story.

I read a funny quote on a mug ” Be careful what you say and do, I am a writer!” This gets my granddaughter thinking more about what is happening around her so she can add them to our story.

It’s fun to brainstorm with her ideas for the title, story setting and what the main theme of our story is.

Put your book together and you’ll have a real keepsake!

Now Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing has made it so easy to get that book published to share with others. They even have a Kindle Kids’ Book Creator which is FREE to download to format your book. Available at:

I was so inspired from working with Dr. Lant and bringing an extraordinary writing course to folks worldwide and learned so much that I wanted to bring this to the children in volume one of my new series “Bringing Out The Potential Of Our Children” available at

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Use the Power of Imagination to Get Those Ideas Flowing

As a writer the most powerful thing you have going for you is your imagination, the generator of innumerable ideas.

Sometimes these ideas are very  fleeting and must be captured as they flow. In comes the pad of paper and a working pen always at the ready. Have pocket size pads to have on your person, pads conveniently placed through out the house, car,  place of work so those ideas get written down.

YES – WRITE DOWN YOUR IDEAS! Don’t assume you will remember them, don’t think about them, write them down!

Keep those pieces of paper filed for each project you are working on, never throwing any papers out until your project is totally complete.

Your Tomorrow Starts Today.

Write yourself a bedtime note with what you will be working on tomorrow, then sleep on it. This will put your brain to work while your sleeping. Ideas Flow. Capture them by writing them down immediately upon awakening.  You’ve got a notepad beside your bed, right!

Check out the info graph below to see what you will be losing if this doesn’t become a habit of yours. Comments are wwelcome in the box below.

info_graphic retention of ideas completeGenerating ideas is included in step one of the Writers Secrets Model to empower people to get their messages and stories to the world.

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