A Look Inside Trumpscape, Melania and Plagiarism (a Serious Offense Really!)

What would we do without those fascinating political Characters?

Dr. Lant’s comments on the events  overshadowing this week’s RNC in Cleveland . The Melania Trump plagiarism case.

All it took was a few lines stolen from Michelle Obama and the whole convention was thrown off track.

 Melania didn’t do it. No one on her staff did it. Her much married husband didn’t do it. And even if they did it, it didn’t matter anyway, because, as everyone knows, theft doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter at all.

 A look inside Trumpscape and what goes on in that Brylcreemed brain.
by Dr. Jeffrey Lant
Admit it, we are fascinated by Trump and his trumpetry entourage. We know that if we did any of the things he does our mother would wallop the daylights out of us and father would promise the “wide belt”, than which there is no greater punishment, as forays into that perilous territory would amply confirm.

But The Donald gets away with them… all of them, all the time.


Why does he get away with so much that’s indefensible? It’s his air (or should I say his “hair”) of authority which not only allows him to project sanctimony and righteousness 24/7/365 without a single one of the seldomly heard and never acknowledged discouraging words scratching his porcine hide. In short, the man is never wrong, especially when he so obviously is.

The Melania Trump Plagiarism Case gives us a perfect example of the genre.

First off, let’s start with this observation. We all wanted to see her, hear here, and see if she’d shed any light on the me-man she married. I considered what she’d never say; viz that marrying out of the perpetually war-shredded Balkans was worth any sacrifice, throw in a Florida palace and New York penthouse, and a speed dial number to any late-night pharmacy well stocked with Valium, or the popular knock-out drug de jour and life was pretty good, (“Dahling, I have a headache…”).

She was placed in the opening RNC Monday night slot and given the chance to humanize Hubby; you know, share all those “isn’t that just like a man?” things women always know and like to share at just the wrong times. But she never delivered such coy, distaff observations. The Donald has no foibles; he is a Force of Nature, and if ever The (Prevailing) Wife suggested otherwise, her charge card at Saks was immediately cancelled.

So, we got no wifely insights. However, what we did get was not just a mediocre scrib of a speech, but one that was plagiarized from some remarks by First Lady Michelle Obama made before the Democratic National Convention in 2008. The plagiarized remarks went like this: “You work hard for what you want in life; that your word is your bond and you do what you say.” Bingo. The fat was in the fire.

Within just a few short hours, commentators like me were licking our chops. Plagiarism is the A #1 crime, a home truth beaten into every college-bound student, under graduate, graduate, and faculty members of every rank and station. THIS IS A SERIOUS OFFENSE.

As I pointed out in my first article hitting the world through Facebook, once the plagiarism was discovered, there were just two options: 1) admitting the error as promptly and graciously as possible, or 2) standing tough, admitting nothing and pointing every finger at something or someone who was the real guilty party, and wasn’t Melania’s haute couture just too, too? And those killer stilettos!

Of course I knew in my heart what all the journalist wolf pack knew, namely that The Trumpster was incapable of owning up to the truth; his entire campaign, nay his entire life is based upon Infallibility, just like the Popes of yore. They at least (though it took awhile) saw the error of their ways.

Thus, instead of squashing this picayune matter as fast as possible, he took the tempest in the proverbial tea-cup and turned it into a typhoon, with his poor deluded, duped, devotees defending him, even when it was obvious his whole kit and caboodle of followers were cannon fodder, kept at their posts to deny that the Emperor had no clothes. So sad.

In the end, the Third Wife of Sahib Trump may, in the best tradition of Scheherazade, do him in, though she and her lord and all the lordlings of their make-believe kingdom will continue to deny all the facts, including when they say Lady Melania never wrote the speech with its 7% plagiarism that she says she did. This is Trumpspeech indeed.

As for me, I just released a tweet that suggests Hillary wrote the speech with its tell tale plagiarisms. After all, we all know she’s capable of this or any other outrage. Yes, after all, showing up Trump as the Arch Cad he is will be almost as satisfying as the blast she gave her soon to be “First Guy” when she discovered his trysts with La Lewinsky and all the rest.

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