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  1. Short story of mine

    The rain lashed down stinging into his face as he hurried on this unexpected and unwelcome journey
    “Only an idiot would venture out on a night such as this” Robert complained to himself out loud
    “But then I must be more than an idiot, for only fool’s talk to themselves” he added in between short intakes of breath, caused partly by the chilling night air and aggravated by his hasty pace of walking
    After a shorter time than it seemed, he arrived at his reluctant destination, he briskly knock on the door eager to get inside out of the awful weather
    The house was in darkness as if no one lived there, but Robert knew better and impatiently knock again harder this time
    He sighed with relief as the hall way light came on and he could hear shuffling footsteps, slowly approach the front door
    “Who’s there?” called a frail voice
    “It’s Robert, came the reply
    “Robert who? Asked the old man
    “Robert your son” who replied with frustration, for pity sake open the door and let me in, I’m soaked and chilled to the bone”
    The door finally opened and Robert push his way in doors without waiting to be invited, glad to be at least indoors
    Although he knew full well there would be no heating on anywhere in the house and he also knew just how the conversation would go, the same as it always did
    “What do you want Robert, disturbing me at this time of night?”
    “You phoned me up as you always do, begging me to come here” Robert replied
    “I don’t remember” responded the old man
    “You never do” muttered Robert
    “You said you were cold and lonely and you should not be left living on your own” Robert continued
    “Quite rightly so, I shouldn’t be left all alone in this cold and dismal place”
    “We’ve had this conversation so many times before, farther” Robert sighed
    “It’s always the same, you won’t use the heating that’s provided or even switch on the lights, you would rather sit here in the cold and dark than switch anything on”
    Hu! You think I made of money” responded the old man
    “Perish the thought” REPLIED Robert sarcastically “You forget about the money you get from the government to help pay your bills”
    “I’m not about to spend their money, they are just a likely to want it paid back to them sneaky buggers” said the old man
    Robert sighed wearily and without another word, turned towards where the boiler for the heating was then switched it on and went back into the living room where his father was sitting
    “Is it alright if I turn a light on in here father, I want to read this letter I haven’t had time to read yet?” Robert asked but not wanting for a reply switched the light on anyway
    The old man mutter something, but didn’t seem to object
    Robert sat quietly pretending to read, but the supposed letter was blank, he made a point of bringing it with him to give himself the excuse of having a light in the room switched on
    Soon it was early morning, now that the house was warmed up Robert decided to leave, putting on his hat and coat he bid his farther goodbye and hugged the old man
    Who turned slightly away in pretence of not caring, but he secretly was also glad of his son’s visits
    Once again Robert strode of into the now chilly morning air, and made his way home promising himself a sthot whisky when he got there as a reward
    The End

  2. I wrote this in 2009.Reading it now I can see I go off original subject.

    Who Wrote The “Western Bible” ?

    The Bible text written and used by our Western Religions is a fragmented compilation of documentations of partial Sacred Text (of some original Hebrew exact verbal recitations of God’s Word handed to Adam; and existed before Adam; and passed down to generations) . Kabbalists were commissioned by God to set these teachings to print using symbols revealed to them as Hebrew Alphabet. It is an exact Sacred Science. Jesus Mastered the Torah and the Zohar; meaning he brought pure Ascended, Perfected, Christ Consciousness and Light into the this World and Dimension. It shines here as a beacon of truth, freedom,love, and hope eternal.

    I believe to truly awaken to understanding we need to return to learning and reading the Zohar, which is a great gift to this World. It is here for every created being in this world so that we can bring to fruition God’s Creation as it is meant to be here on Earth.

    I love Master Jesus, I do not love most Western Christian Religions which have not come to know the full blessing and meaning of this loving God Being.

    Example of English Misinterpretations

    “Verb tense in ancient Hebrew does not use “past” and “present” and “future” as does English, so the same words might easily have been used for “have fallen” and “are fallen” and “will fall.”

    (Quote from article:

    The concept does not occur in Hebrew because it does not exist in original Creation. The great Universal Creator has already created everything we may become aware of, both in thought and sense perception. This is where the great gift of free will is actually a miraculous thing; we are free to concentrate our attention on any aspect of life and experience it now. We don’t create what already exists we express what we find and it becomes our expression, our reality.

    The New World we dream of for this Earthly Dimension already exists. We can see it and imagine it, we long for it; It does therefore exist—we have only to turn our full attention upon its beauty and light; we become a part of the bridge between the Infinite Loving Creator and Creation, here in present time.

    Master Jesus proclaims”I am an open door, which no man can shut”. The gateway to the light is always open, we may return to our original consciousness by remembering where we were before we let ourselves get lost in outer expressions and experiences; seemingly devoid and separate from our Great Intelligent Creator. So, “Remember your original God Created Self again, the Original God being that you are.” Like the prodigal son returning home, where you are remembered by Loving Father, Loving Mother, and Spiritual Family. All that has been will be washed away. This, according to Zohar passages, can and does occur in the present, Now. It is a gift from our loving Creator extended to all who will believe and partake of this great blessing.

    Remember when you were a child how the mere touch from your Mother could magically cure the pain from an injury. It is the power of our Loving Mother being transferred through the heart of our Earthly parent.

    The modern beliefs that mind control can produce long lasting desirable manifestation results is incorrect. Transformation of any kind involves becoming heart centered and consciously connected to Universal Super Consciousness which actually stills the constantly thinking , chattering, Ego Mind. Ego Mind is transformed back to its proper functions, which operates much like our computers, but of coarse is far superior to our mechanical tools.



    This is not a direct or exact quote from “Secrets of the Zohar” by Michael Berg who has done a brilliant job of restoring the true power an Original Sacred Book written first in the mind and hearts of the devoted. These Books were later very precisely recited. They were later committed to stone and parchment using the Sacred Hebrew Symbols which are Scientifically metered to the exact resonance of every element in Creation.

    In effort not to repeat the mistake of Western Civilization’s tendency to make simple use of very profound truth by trying to reinvent what is already complete, I state clearly; Above are my concepts as I read passages from Zohar. I encourage anyone to read the above mentioned book.

    Inspired by

    “Secrets of the Zohar” by Michael Berg

    Xan Bennett
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