Get Rid of That Drudgery of Marketing Your Work With These Fun Ideas

Getting your book written is hard enough but once complete in comes the chore of marketing your book. Does marketing need to be a chore?

Change your mind set a bit and start thinking of some fun ways you can market your book.

How about throwing a party, a book launch party, inviting all your  friends, best clients and anyone else you can think of. We held an online party at Writers Secrets in our Live Center at: Lot’s of fun! We held a Salon there too.

Do up a short video of your book or a whole webinar teaching some of it’s principles.

Make a slideshow to share on Slideshare. Things like this can be fun using your creative abilities.

Make up a contest for your book, you’ll be surprised at some of the interesting entries you may get.

Figure out ways that will work for you with your limited time and fit’s your audience.

Thanks to Vitaly Greyman for these ideas. See more at the source Vitaly Greyman



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