Ready to Get Writing Then “Oh Darn I Need My …” Checklist of What Writers Need.

blue room preparing to writeWriters #1 priority should be having a space just for writing.

When you go there you want to let it be know that you are there to write and you want  no disturbances.

That would include disturbances from the phone ringing, notices of messages coming in, etc.

Once you have that all taken care of and you settle down to start writing there is another thing that would disturb your writing –

Not having everything you need handy.

Remedy –

Checklist of 7 things to make sure you have handy when preparing to write. You may consider writing out your own personal checklist to go over before you get down to writing.

  1. Writing tool in good repair that are reliable and accessible. Think pen, pencil and eraser. Paper, notepads and notebooks. Computer, Laptop or Netbook. Let’s not forget our dictionaries and thesaurus.
  2.  Clothing – Keep a sweater or shawl handy for if you’re feeling chilly, your favorite bunny slippers to keep your toes comfy or perhaps wear layers that you can take off if the temperature is rising.
  3.  Have your favorite drink handy and some water.
  4.  If you need munchies to keep you going have then at the ready.
  5.  Have all your research material together so you not hunting it down.
  6.  Gather your inspiration around you. Here’s a nice list that Writing With Mom put together “What starts a story out for you? Is it a conversation with a cousin? Seeing old photos? A daily prompt from a book or webpage you like? How about your journal, or the writings or possessions of a family member–an heirloom that you admire in a case, or use everyday. For some it’s a place, a date or an occasion. Others write methodically from a task list. They have a neat outline of what they want to say and can go down the list working one subject at a time and feeling a great deal of accomplishment. Some look for contests or open calls for submissions and can write inspired by the given topic. Maybe it’s something you notice on the ground, the funny title of a book, or a childhood memory. Pinpoint your inspirations and gather them up.” See more of her list of writer’s needs at the source: Writing With Mom
  7. Organizational tools – file folders to keep all your writing in, including notes (never throw anything out until your project is totally complete). This is for your hard copy and have each separate writing project kept organized in it’s own file and saved in Google Docs or whatever cloud storage you use, on your computer, flash drives. Make sure you have a backup file for anything stored on your computer.

Okay there’s a beginning for you now get your own personal checklist together for disturbance free writing.

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