Semper paratus. What every boy scout knows will help you create blog copy that can be used forever while you (and rightly) congratulate yourself, smartie.

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Author’s program note. My mother used regularly to bring down the house when she’d say “When I was a cub scout (when Abe Lincoln was president)…” and then her usual sharp-as-a-tack observation on any subject under the sun. We’d all laugh and knew POM (Poor Old Mother) was chipper indeed, all being well.

So I can affirm that when she was a cub scout, when Honest Abe was president, every one of those scouts, as a matter of urgent priority, knew at least two words of Latin… “semper paratus,” always ready.

And I am glad to tell you that our ship-shape lads and lassies of the United States Coast Guard know these words as well. Which is why this vital part of the nation’s defenses uses them, enshrined as they are in a bouncy composition, as peppy and upbeat as America itself. It seems the lyrics were written first by Captain Francis Saltus Van Boskerck in 1922. The music was composed later, in 1927, on a “beat-up old piano” while his ship was stationed in Unalaska, Alaska, which is no doubt this burg’s undying (and perhaps only) claim to fame.

But here the puzzles and conundra begin. Why did Homer Smith, that busy body, change the lyrics in 1943, jarring the spirit and eternal serenity of Captain Francis, only to have his words rewritten again in 1969? Perhaps “paratus” wasn’t as “semper” as they thought.

And here, I must add yet another “semper”, an admonition to all writers, artists and composers who value the calm and peace of their auditors and readers: please, I implore you, having finished your opus, record for inquiring humanity the facts about it, who wrote it, your birth (and sad to say death) date, the circumstances of its creation, etc. anything, in fact, which will impart to all eternity key facts about your inspired work. If you do this, you are sure to get — and keep — the undying credit you deserve. And isn’t this, after all, what you want?

Before commencing this article, go to any search engine and play that rousing “Semper Paratus” march… sing along, too, with the lyrics that will help turn your blog into a great money machine, the cynosure of every discerning eye:

” ‘Semper Paratus’ is our guide, Our fame, our glory, too. To fight to save, or fight and die!”

The vital importance not merely of having a blog… but of having a growing archive of material you can use in your blog, re-use, and use yet again.

This article was inspired by an article I wrote August 22, 2011 on Moammar Khadafy, the collapse of his murderous regime, and my commentary on what this important event meant for Libya, its peoples, and the world. It was blogged just as the capital city of Tripoli was freed, for the first time in over 4 decades of barbarism. The article was timely, powerful, valid, prophetic. As such, it generated widespread interest and tens of thousands of reader comments and heartfelt reactions. It also provided a means for the people allowed to blog it to publish their ads along with this insightful article, just as any other publisher bringing this story to their readers… and making money simultaneously; the essential formula for successful blogging.

For these traditional publishers their article on the fall of Tripoli and the regime of repression and death, was run once and once only… but for the blog publishers running this article, these wise folks acquired not merely an article… but a tool they could use for weeks, months and even years to come… with only the need to write a new, timely preface and their own observations matured as events progressed and developed.

Your first task is to stop thinking of yourself as a traditional periodical publisher and think instead of yourself as an innovative blog publisher, supremely knowledgeable and clever about, first, writing and publishing, and, then, updating and re-using every single word you write.

Here then are the crucial steps you must take to take advantage — remember, for months and years ahead — of your golden words.

1) Write regularly. Personally, I write at least 18-20 new blog articles each and every month. Each article is approximately 1,500 words in length and fits into one of the over 25 subject categories in which I write blog commentary. These subjects range from American politics, to literature, music, world history and events, appreciations for the lives and achievements of famous people… and people you have never heard of… and many more. The more topics you write on, the more people will be glad to receive your blog… and read and respond to the ads which you simultaneously send. And, remember, sending these ads… and reaping the rewards that accrue as a result… is a prime reason for publishing your blog in the first place.

2) Develop a file of headlines and prefaces to accompany each (re-used) article. Use language like this:

Back by popular demand!

Our readers loved this article the first time round, you’ll love it, too.

We received thousands of responses from this article. Here it is again… read it and please respond at once.

New developments on (subject). That’s why you’ll want to read this and respond at once.

Get the picture?

You need to open a file and regularly add verbiage designed to motivate, excite, and enthuse your readers… and you must always be alert to motivating configurations of language… and, of course, adding them to this file at once… never trusting to frail and fallible human memory.

3) Now pay attention to the world and its events by following the well-known all news channels and, of course, online sources. Your job is to be aware of what’s happening… then pull articles on the same or related topics from your archive, update, then blog them.. along with your ad copy… as fast as you can. One of my esteemed and smart colleagues, Alan Schmitt of San Diego, California is a whiz at this.

He was watching CNN when the news broke about the death of dictator Khadafy. He went to my blog at as he was authorized and entitled to do… and within 5 minutes had pulled the article, read it, made his comments and blogged it… to gratifying and profitable results. He just informed me that he did the same thing today using an important article on the New Hampshire primary I wrote some months ago, as part of my series on American politics. Again, simply by adding a few words, he squeezed more gold and benefit from this timely article. Bravissimo!

Now get started! Because now you are indeed “semper paratus”… ready to jump on and profit from a constantly growing number of articles which can easily be updated… and so turned, time and again, to money in your pocket. For in the words of that perky march, today’s occasional music, “We’re always ready for the call.”

” High shall our purpose be, ‘Semper Paratus’ is our guide.”… along, you may be sure, with the acute guidelines and recommendations of this article, too!

–> Your response to this article is requested. What do you think? Let me know by posting your comments below.

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