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Part 1 of 2 Meet the Authors of the Upcoming Best Seller “Are You the Missing Piece”

So happy to be a co-author in this fabulous book “Are You the Missing Piece”

Tune in to the interview of some of the authors below:

I’m being interviewed at 32:35 in the recording speaking about bringing out potential and my new book series “Bringing Out the Potential In Children” found on Amazon Kindle and soon to be out in print.

Author Patrice Porter

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You can pre-order all 3 volumes in the series.

Volume 1 is Bringing Out the Potential of Our Children. Writers/Authors

Volume 2 is Bringing Out the Potential of Our Children. Gardeners

Volume 3 is Bringing Out the Potential of Our Children. Cooks/Chefs

5 tips for Keeping Your Facebook Page Alive and Engaging.

It’s wonderful to have an engaged audience to post to and share with. Growing your Facebook page takes time and consistency. If you’re not engaged with it how can you expect your audience or fans to be engaged.

Here’s 5 tips especially geared to help authors grow their Facebook fan base with engaged people. Thanks to John Doppler of Words on Words.


1. Your page requires daily maintenance and posts to be effective.

Facebook pages are not a fire-and-forget proposition. You’ll need to invest a few minutes every day in page maintenance, replying to comments and preparing new content. A stagnant page leaves visitors with a negative impression.

2. Nobody wants to see your advertisements.

Let me emphasize that: nobody joins Facebook so they can see ads. Not even yours. Facebook users are looking for one of three things: a solution to a problem, social interaction, or entertainment. If your posts aren’t providing one of those three things, you’re wasting your time (and ours).

That doesn’t mean you can’t use your author page to promote your books! Just remember the three things Facebook users crave — solutions, interaction, entertainment — and design your promos to meet those needs.

3. Your Facebook page should drive traffic to your website.

Whenever possible, your Facebook page should drive traffic to your website. If you’re dependent on Facebook (or any other social media platform) for your readers, you’re at the mercy of that platform. Any change in policy could cut you off from your audience.

Therefore, use social media to drive readers to your website and your mailing list, resources that you own and control. Post original content to your blog and link to that, rather than simply posting it on Facebook alone.

4. Your posts should encourage comments and sharing.

Facebook pages work best when they’re an interactive platform for discussion between author and audience. Don’t just bleat messages to your flock; design each post to stimulate engagement. Common techniques for encouraging interaction are posting questions (“Do you agree with this article?”) and reminding members to share (“Share this post with your friends!”). Asking members to share your content might feel uncomfortable, but it’s a proven method for increasing engagement. Don’t be afraid to plant that idea in the minds of your readers.

5. Let your personality shine through.

Your Facebook author page is a place for readers to connect to you, the author. Inject your personality into your posts and comments.

Find more tips on Setting up your Facebook page and Growing it at the Source of this Article: Words on Words