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Setting Up Your Personal Writing Sanctuary

Make priority # 1 to have a writing place that’s used only for your writing.

It could be a room,  a little nook or even just a desk but make it your very own writing sanctuary.

George_Bernard_Shaw_writing_shedDylan_Thomas_writing_shedLet it be know that when you are there you are writing and under no circumstances should you be disturbed.

“But the Internet in general—and social media in particular—fosters this notion that everything should be shared, everything is communal. When it works, it’s great. But it specifically doesn’t work, I think, in the realm of cultural production … Good novels aren’t collaborated on. Good novels are produced by people who voluntarily isolate themselves, and go deep, and report from the depths on what they find.” ~ Jonathan Franzen

Interestingly Completely Novel points out that “Maya Angelou wrote in hotel rooms, requesting that everything be removed from the walls, in order to avoid distractions. She brought note pads, a dictionary, a thesaurus and a Bible in order to write, plus sherry and cigarettes for a little ‘down time’. –

JK Rowling famously wrote the first Harry Potter book in an Edinburgh cafe. Taking her baby out for a walk was the best way to get her to fall asleep, and then she could carry on writing in a cafe.”

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Here’s 4 unusual spots where famous writers found their writing sanctuary:

Gertrude Stein discovered that the driver’s seat of her Model T Ford was a perfect place to write. Shopping expeditions around Paris were particularly productive for the writer. While her partner, Alice B. Toklas, ran errands, Stein would stay in their parked car and write.

D.H. Lawrence preferred to write outdoors, beneath the shade of a tree. He found a trunk to lean against wherever he went, from pine trees in New Mexico to great firs in Germany’s Black Forest. Discussing his predilection, Lawrence noted, “The trees are like living company.”

• In 1917, Virginia Woolf and her husband, Leonard, started a small publishing company in their basement. Despite the new venture, Woolf did not give up writing. Every morning she walked down to the basement, and strode past the printing press and into a storage room with a cozy old armchair. Her pen would fly while the press whirred in the next room.

Agatha Christie had two important demands for the renovation of her mansion. She informed her architect, “I want a big bath, and I need a ledge because I like to eat apples.” Christie constructed her plots in a large Victorian tub, one bite at a time.

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But Remember –

“A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word to paper.” ~ E.B. White

Dr. Jeffrey Lant’s Writing Sanctuary  in his “Blue Room”

The picture with caption were from his memoir – “A Connoisseur’s Journey. Being the artful memoirs of a man of wit, discernment, pluck and joy.”

Available at: http://writerssecrets.co

The video below is from video snippets caught as Dr. Lant was writing his memoir live onscreen. He is reading the section from his memoir about his writing space he is working in, his office or as he calls it his “space capsule”

See 40 video snippets caught in the creation of “A Connoisseur’s Journey” also available at: http://writerssecrets.co




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