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Never give anyone a piece of your mind again…Sell it to them for what your information is really worth! Read on…

Do you possess specialized problem-solving information and skills and want to profit from them to the greatest extent possible?

Welcome to the Advise Business!

Consulting- One of America’s most satisfying careers, in one of the great ages of the world, the Great Age of Information

Turn your specific problem-solving skills into a certain money-making process.

HOW TO MAKE AT LEAST $100,000 EVERY YEAR AS A SUCCESSFUL CONSULTANT IN YOUR OWN FIELD – The Complete Guide to Succeeding In the Advice Business

cove_make_100000_year_consultingGives you a process that’ll give you:

  • more prospects faster,
  • produce bigger project and retainer contracts, and
  • enable you, if you’re truly dedicated, to create your own multi-million dollar information empire with products that’ll bring you handsome sums every single day.

It’s all possible. If you can really solve people’s problems and you’re really ready, willing and able to do what it takes to bring these people success and then market these successes to the others who want them, you, too, can join the ranks not only of the six-figure income consultants but those who have a net worth of well over a million dollars.

HOW TO MAKE AT LEAST $100,000 EVERY YEAR AS A SUCCESSFUL CONSULTANT IN YOUR OWN FIELD – The Complete Guide to Succeeding In the Advice Business

Information is power!

This information you will have at your disposal is powerful because it:

  • helps other people solve their problems
  • provides you with an excellent means of gaining control over your time and indeed your life, and
  • gives you a superb means of making money — lots of money!

Get that desirable autonomy that most people never achieve.

Get started with THE CONSULTANT’S KIT, a good introductory book to the very alluring subject of consulting.

Start putting your information and useful problem solving techniques to work to profit from what you know and can do.

consultants_kitTHE CONSULTANT’S KIT is the best short work introducing the subject of consulting in a precise, thorough, non-threatening, and unpretentious way to get your consultant business launched with good, solid, basic information.

There are two key problems in the advising business:

  • how to get the client in the first place and
  • how to work with the client to do what’s good for him.

HOW TO MAKE AT LEAST $100,000 EVERY YEAR AS A SUCCESSFUL CONSULTANT IN YOUR OWN FIELD addresses both these issues in very practical detail. But it goes one step further than any other book on this subject.

To make sufficient income needs more than merely selling of your time in hours, weeks and months is needed.

If you have high income expectations, and with only so many hours in the day, this unique information on how you can build a national advising practice by creating a series of problem solving products and services under the umbrella of what I call the Mobile Mini- Conglomerate, a 10-part wealth producing machine based on the information and problem solving processes you have at your disposal.

Free yourself, forever, from the time trap and make yourself recession proof as well.


You become a client of Dr. Jeffrey Lant who will advise you with the most hard-hitting, precise, informative, unabashedly candid advice possible.

Just what your clients will need from you.


The first four chapters deal with your necessary preparation for succeeding as an advisor, for preparation is at the root of all success.

  • Chapter 1 deals with adopting the right mental attitude, some definitions of advising, what kinds of people succeed as advisors, and why people buy and use advisors.
  • Chapter 2 provides three sets of prerequisites you need to be successful in your advising career: the prerequisites you need to succeed as a sales person (a very necessary aspect of advising success), those you must have to be successful working with clients (which will be stressed again and expanded upon in a later chapter), and the ones you need to run a demanding small business.
  • Chapter 3 deals with positioning and marketing basics.
  • Chapter 4 provides information on the Problem Solving Process, the backbone of any advisor’s practice.

To understand and utilize low-cost, continuing marketing techniques Chapters 5, 6 and 7 contain critical marketing information of an often very advanced kind.

  • Chapter 5 sets forth crucial information about necessary and inexpensive marketing documents including the Precis, the Success Letter and several others.
  • Chapter 6 includes detailed information on networking, telemarketing, and workshops and seminars as client recruitment, profit and publicity centers.
  • Chapter 7 provides information on bringing your advising practice to the attention of client prospects through the free media.

Chapter 8 begins with a section on working with clients. This chapter specifically deals with the precontract stage of your relationship.

Chapter 9 deals with contractual matters.

Chapter 10 tells you precisely what to do with your client on the job, providing you with very necessary information on how to manage the change process to your and your client’s advantage.

Chapter 11 provides absolutely essential information on how you can benefit from what you know when you are not physically present. This chapter provides information on the Mobile Mini-Conglomerate, which will lift you beyond the constraints of the time trap and provide you with a continuing income from what you know through a variety of information-based products such as books, eBooks, audio recordings or podcasts, and catalog deals.

IChapter 12 is on how to run your demanding small business. Here you will find information on establishing your Mandarin Network, running a home-based business and such critical matters as disability insurance and financial planning, both essential to your peace of mind and ultimate autonomy.

Chapter 13 takes up the (to many) vexing question of computers and your advising practice.

Chapter 14, the final chapter, I take up the question of “The Life Of The Advisor,” providing you with useful information on stress and time management and smart traveling. Even how to how to avoid energy drain! Too many advisors bum out with the fast-paced, demanding lifestyle. Now you don’t have to be a casualty of your own success.

Learn how to do things more creatively, more intelligently, more profitably all the time.

Helping to  provide you with three of the most meaningful conditions of life:

  • A means of helping others
  • A way to control your own life, and
  • A process for producing very, very substantial profit for yourself.

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