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Here’s a Simple Way to Get Your Book Off the Ground and Moving Up to Completion.

There is the idea of writing a book then there is the actual writing of the book. You may be full of ideas and chopping at the bit to get those ideas in writing but let’s slow down a bit and get your writing process in a flow creating strong writing from beginning to end.

Your first step for getting your book writing off the ground is the outline which let’s you see the whole picture and the parts that make it up.

This allows you to avoid having a weak middle or losing your readers at the end because you didn’t deliver the ending you had lead them to.

For an outlining method that makes for ease of the writing process and is one used by Hollywood screenplay writers, check this been-there-done-that video below and let me know what you think. Make sure to go on to see how to move up the pyramid of composing your book beneath the video.

So you’ve got your outline now lets work your way through it starting with the basics of character and plot and move your way up to the proper grammar and word choice as illustrated below.


Pyramid source: DIY MFA