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Getting “Yes” from the Media – Ways Publicity Can Pay Off For You…

A lot of times people aren’t aware of all the ways that publicity actually can bring you money, bring you impact, and bring you influence.

Do you believe that you can have anything you want if you position yourself to be famous?

Publicity makes miracles happen for a few reasons.

  1. Publicity is free! When you’re on that radio show, when you’re written up on a blog, when you’re on a podcast, when you’re in a magazine, newsletter, newspaper, wherever. You are getting free exposure.
  2. Publicity is more credible than advertising. In fact, when PR people charge and give a sense of value, they’ll calculate out the cost of the ad.
  3. One more thing, publicity multiplies. So, have you ever noticed when the media are covering something? They cover a topic and then you just see it more and more in other places and they all tend to start to cover the same thing. But when you pay to run an ad, do they call you and say, “We love this ad. It looks beautiful. We’d love to rerun it in five other places for free”?

4 Ways Publicity Pays Off

One is, you get a chance. When you do an interview, usually, you will get a chance to give out your website, give out where people can buy your book or get on your list. There’s the direct invitation to the audience.

The other thing that happens from publicity is, as you get publicity, people also can just start discovering you on the Internet. So, for example, a gentleman who is an expert on storytelling was interviewed by a blogger on Forbes, and he’s just gotten booked.

People, when they have Googled the topic of “storytelling,” he shows up. That happened a couple years ago, but he’s still getting invitations to speak and do consulting and traffic to his Web site from that.

People may find you on YouTube. They may find a podcast interview that you’ve done, so when they Google your name, are they’re going to see interviews that you’ve done. Sure. It’s a great way of getting more traffic and getting more clients and customers.

The other thing is that when you do an interview, even if it’s a small radio show or something that might not have a really big audience, it gives you currency to share.

Let’s say you do a great interview on a small podcast that maybe you don’t get many direct orders for your book or what-have-you. You can now share that interview on social media through Twitter, through Facebook and things. So, people will now be experiencing you, seeing you, hearing you on the media.

The fourth thing — and I say this to you especially if you’ve been getting publicity — is, are you including it in your promotion materials?  A lot of times people say, “As seen on ABC.” People will be more likely to buy from you if they see that you’ve been in the media. You can have anything you want if you position yourself to be famous.

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