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So You Want to Be A Writer? A Secret for When You Should Write

So many of us want to be a writer and we have to begin somewhere.

To be a good writer read good writing. Here’s an excellent article to get you started.

“I’ve Been Workin’ on My Rewrite, That’s Right”. An Open Letter to a Young Friend Who Wants to be a Scribbler. By Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Go to: http://writerssecrets.com/ive-been-workin-on-my-rewrite-thats-right-an-open-letter-to-a-young-friend-who-wants-to-be-a-scribbler/

At first there will be a lot of garbage coming out. It’s better to get that garbage out so the good stuff can come in.

Here’s a wonderful recording to answer that question So you want to be a writer? by Charles Bukowski telling how to write like Charles Bukowski. It’s read by Tom O’Bedlam. check it out and let me know what you think in the comment box below.


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Use the Power of Imagination to Get Those Ideas Flowing

As a writer the most powerful thing you have going for you is your imagination, the generator of innumerable ideas.

Sometimes these ideas are very  fleeting and must be captured as they flow. In comes the pad of paper and a working pen always at the ready. Have pocket size pads to have on your person, pads conveniently placed through out the house, car,  place of work so those ideas get written down.

YES – WRITE DOWN YOUR IDEAS! Don’t assume you will remember them, don’t think about them, write them down!

Keep those pieces of paper filed for each project you are working on, never throwing any papers out until your project is totally complete.

Your Tomorrow Starts Today.

Write yourself a bedtime note with what you will be working on tomorrow, then sleep on it. This will put your brain to work while your sleeping. Ideas Flow. Capture them by writing them down immediately upon awakening.  You’ve got a notepad beside your bed, right!

Check out the info graph below to see what you will be losing if this doesn’t become a habit of yours. Comments are wwelcome in the box below.

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