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Insubstantial Pageant – Ceremony & Confusion at Queen Victoria’s Court

Insustantial_Pagent_coverQueen Elizabeth II celebrates her 90th birthday. She has read Dr. Lant’s book.

So has Prince Charles. Both like it and found it a very interesting book indeed especially since it was written by an American.

Dr. Lant was given unique access to the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle.

He remains the only American to have received this special honor.

“Insubstantial Pageant” publication was treated as front page news around England and the world.

“Insubstantial Pageant – Ceremony & Confusion at Queen Victoria’s Court”

This book was published worldwide and was featured on the Associated Press International Wire.

It has always been and remains the most detailed book about British Royal Events.

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God save the Queen.

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Throughout the reign of Queen Victoria, confusion and uncertainty marked the great ceremonials of the English Court. The young sovereign was, at her Coronation, recalled from refreshments to complete the service because a significant part of the ritual had been left out. During her wedding, her bridegroom, Prince Albert, was wracked by nervous embarrassment about what he was supposed to do, while at the marriage of sir son the Prince of Wales troopers with drawn sabres charged into milling crowds and titled guests elbowed each other for a place.

As the Court’s at first limited ceremonies grew during the nineteenth century into great national pageants matters did not improve, exacerbating the situation after the Prince consort’s death was the Queen’s rooted position to display and royal pomp which gave her officials no chance to gain efficiency in organizing ceremonial. Matters came to a head in 1887, at the greatest royal pageant since the Coronation: the Queen’s Golden Jubilee had to be pulled together from scratch, in circumstances of the utmost dedication.

The next great royal event, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee ten years later, had precedents to draw on and things went so much better that optimists thought the additional muddle had been laid to rest forever. Their expectations were confounded at the arrangement of Queen Victoria’s funeral, an event which in many respects converted to the traditional disorder.

In this remarkable book, Jeffrey L. Lant sees behind the scenes to set out in rich detail how great Victorian royal events developed. Drawn from a wide range of previously unpublished sources, the final result is a perceptive and rollicking piece of crucial history, which many of those involved might have hoped would go unrecorded, authoritative and thorough, this book will fascinate all who have ever marveled at the impressive discretion of Court officials.