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Have you seen how easy it is to get published these days?

Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon has made it real simple.

We’ve got all kinds of advantages these days that opens the doors for folks to get their message and stories out to the world!

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Here’s where I first got my eyes open to the world of kindle publishing with Ty Cohen

Ty Cohen gives you a good introduction to the possibilities in Kindle publishing even giving you a walk through for signing up to Kindle Direct Publishing where you can set up a free account and start loading up your content – publishing your own books.

He gives you 3 simple steps to get you started with some wonderful tips to ensure you have success in your Kindle Publishing journey.

Once you have your book up on Kindle Direct Publishing Platform, Amazon has another source to get your book published with their print by demand service at Create Space.

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You Have ALL the Advantages Today. Take Them!

Oh what advantages we have in this day and age to

Get our messages and stories out to the world!

Think how hard it was for Julius Caesar to produce his military memoirs, “Omnia Gallia est divisa in tres partes…” Capturing the slaves to take dictation was just the first problem. It was hard, hard, hard for Juli… on the Ides of March or any other ides.

Then think how difficult it was for brilliant Johannes Guttenberg despite his invention of movable type. Laying out just one page, one paragraph was hard, hard, hard. “Dummkopf, it’s ‘Deutschland uber alles’, ‘Ach du lieber’!”

Or what about William Randolph Hearst, the richest publisher on terra firma who had to pay for an empire of rent and salaries, thereby dramatically reducing his even still bloated profits. It was hard, hard, hard despite the fact Daddy gave him his first newspaper. . Or what about Doctor J, your faithful author and compatriot and how he started by typing his copy (aged 12 or so) on a Royal Standard upwrite and then printing it on a gelatin press, one page at a time. It was hard, hard, hard. “Mother, the gelatin has dried up, and I need 5 more pages.”

Why bother? Why did so many of the world’s most intelligent, shrewd and competitive people work so hard to write, to publish, and to persuade total strangers about their point of view, determined to succeed despite any, every obstacle?

The answer.

They did it to change minds, to influence, to motivate action, to enthuse, to gain adherents and followers, to make a resounding, eternal reputation for themselves… and to make MONEY as fast as they could. You see, whatever the difficulties of publishing might have been at any stage of human events, the benefits of publishing far, far outweighed them.

You, YOU, right now can do what not a single one of such great and notable worthies could do; your book going worldwide in just weeks, even days. Let’s celebrate for you are about to surpass all the writers and publishers ere now… and that is magnifique indeed.

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