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Fun Activity and Learning Opportunity to Do with Your Kids

An excellent activity and learning opportunity to do with your children or grandchildren is to write a children’s book together. They can be so fun to create.

My granddaughter loves for me to tell her stories then she in turn will make up a story to tell me.

We love doing character building with tips from Dr. Lant over at www.writerssecrets.com to really making your characters come alive. My granddaughter has such an imagination, as most children do, and really gets into imagining she is one of the characters for our book.

Next point bought up in Dr. Lant’s writing class  – Take in all the details around you for these can become important pieces of information to add to your story.

I read a funny quote on a mug ” Be careful what you say and do, I am a writer!” This gets my granddaughter thinking more about what is happening around her so she can add them to our story.

It’s fun to brainstorm with her ideas for the title, story setting and what the main theme of our story is.

Put your book together and you’ll have a real keepsake!

Now Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing has made it so easy to get that book published to share with others. They even have a Kindle Kids’ Book Creator which is FREE to download to format your book. Available at: Amazon.com

I was so inspired from working with Dr. Lant and bringing an extraordinary writing course to folks worldwide and learned so much that I wanted to bring this to the children in volume one of my new series “Bringing Out The Potential Of Our Children” available at http://fullpotential.co.place

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