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Christopher (“Kip”) Forbes Opens Up With Dr. Lant On Life, Wealth, and the Joys of Being One of the Greatest Art Collectors on Earth.

Dr._Lant_and_Kip_small_textHere’s one presentation you will never forget!

Christopher Forbes and Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Two connoisseurs in ebullient conversation about life, money, collecting, and the joy of MORE!

F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “The very rich are different from you
and me”… Come see for yourself.

Read about it in Dr. Jeffrey Lant’s latest book “We’ll always have Paris.”: A story of wealth, obsessions, and the emperor’s ransom collected and dispersed by Christopher Forbes, connoisseur at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E0ZG9SW#nav-subnav


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when your host Dr. Jeffrey Lant,  internationally known author
and commentator, goes toe-to-toe with plutocratic, billionaire
Christopher (“Kip”) Forbes, Vice Chairman of Forbes Publishing
company, whose appearance reminds us “living well is the best

Kip is the Maecenas of our drab, mediocre, second rate days.
(In case your Roman history is rusty, the good Maecenas has come
down from the time of Octavius Caesar as a byword for a wealthy,
generous and enlightened patron of the arts… and so say all of us
of Kip.

Motor cycle hot shot.

I first became aware of Kip’s joyful family when I was a student at
Harvard. Father Malcolm (1919-1990) was a motorcycle fanatic. He was
indeed the leader of the pack as they gathered at the end of Holyoke
Street where I resided in what were credited as the apartment of
Franklin D. Roosevelt’s valet. With this splashy opening le tout
Harvard Square knew when this impresario, this imp of the unpredictable
was in town. Here was a man who knew how to generate buzz, lots
of buzz, and keep ’em smiling, sugar.

Like father…

I advise my students that if they want a guarantee they’ll be rich
and comfy they should carefully select just the right parents,
and here Malcolm’s two sons (Steve, born 1947 and Christopher,
born 1950) showed  they got the message.

Daddy was rich, granddaddy (a Scottish emigrant with a slew of relations
in the noble Clan Forbes) was rich… get the picture? The key
wasn’t just making money, it was having fun while keeping what
they got and getting more.

Neither for the father nor the sons was wealth a matter of grim drudgery
and punishing responsibilities. They knew that wealth must mean
happiness or its cost is too high. Wealth was never their master; always
their servant. To be around a Forbes is to feel joy and experience their
kindness in sharing. They resurrect in themselves the penetrating phrase
“Noblesse oblige”, an aspect of wealth no wealthy person can afford to
forget or postpone, even if what can be given is no more than the widow’s

“Ars longa. Vita brevis.” Kip, the Emperor, and high collecting adventure.

My challenge now is to get you to attend my very special tete a tete
with Kip. Knowing him as I do I can promise you it will deliver some of
the most enlightening moments of your life, during which you will see
how Kip salvaged the tarnished reputation of the “forgotten” emperor
Napoleon the Third (reigned 1852-1870) by ordering four days of
non-stop auctioneering at the highest and most ostentatious level’; in
other words pure Forbes and as such followed with breathless interest
by connoisseurs worldwide. Come to the program and add yourself to their
informed ranks!

Useful facts.

Christopher Forbes spills the beans on life, lore, love and lavish living in
conversation with Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

Go to: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x2hy57hl45xd8nm/Dr.%20Lant%27s%20interview%20with%20Christopher%20Forbes.mp4?dl=0

then check out the Forbes auction March 5, 6 & April 9. For catalogs of the over 1,300 items featured
go to www.osenat.com Each of the four catalogs commences with
fascinating details about  the Forbes, Kip, and his stupendous
imperial collection, now available to you.

For general information go to www.writerssecrets.com where you
can find the video of this program after it is recorded. While
there, check out Dr. Lant’s new memoirs, “The Connoisseur’s Journey,
Being the artful memoirs of a man of wit discernment, pluck and joy.”

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