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3 Fun Ways To Build Your Vocabulary and Get the Storytelling Flowing

What better way to build your vocabulary and get some story telling flowing than with FUN Games!

Here’s 3 Games for you

1) Blind Word Find

This can be done alone or with friends.

Randomly open the dictionary and place your finger on a word.

Check out it’s pronunciation and definition and use it in a sentence.

Now start to build a story around that.

story_cards2)  Story Cards

This is a deck of cards with interesting pictures on them. You can purchase them or make your own (see below).

Each player is given  6 cards to begin with. The rest of the cards are placed in the middle of the players.

One person starts the game by placing a card down, picture up and uses it to create the opening lines for the story. He picks up a new card to add to his hand.

The next person uses one of the cards he is holding to continue the story and so on with each person adding to the story and always picking up new cars to add to their hand.

Make your cars with cut outs from magazines, old calendars or cards or print outs from online.

There is some great pictures for writing prompts on Facebook at:


3) Scrabble  is another great word building game. Play it online at places like Pogo

or http://www.memory-improvement-tips.com/scrabble-online-free.html

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