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5 Things Writers Can Easily Re-purpose, Getting More Mileage From Your Work.

How to get more mileage out of that good stuff you know is good…

Your work doesn’t have to be used just for one thing. Re-purpose.

Your blog post could be recombined into articles.

Take your articles and combine them into new books,

Take fragments of your books and use them for posts or articles.

Those articles could be turned into podcasts.

Out of print books can be scanned ( I used Bound Book Scanning but do a search for book scanning) and put into digital copy to publish on Amazon etc,

Other things to look at for re-purposing is interviews you may have done, power points you created.

Get the idea?

Share some of the things you re-purpose in the comment box below. We’d love to hear your ideas.

For more tips like this go to our tip page at: http://writerssecrets.com/writers-secrets-tips/

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Telling a Good Story – Making a Strong Ending

Any type of narrative writing will be telling a story. When telling and writing your story tell about something that has meaning to you. That will make it much easier to make your story interesting.

So your off to a whiz bang start then you start to fizzle out to a point that you end your story simply with writing – The end. How lame is that.

Luckily  Kristine Nannini from Young Teacher Love shared some wonderful tips for writing narrative endings and shared a helpful chart  found at: youngteacherlove.com

Here’s to better endings!


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The Secret to Developing a Successful Marketing Strategy for Your Book

There is the business of writing your book then there is the business of promoting your book.

95% of your efforts should go into the promotion of your book.

Hint: There are tricks to combining your writing and your promotions but that will come in another post.

If you’re smart about this you should know at least the next 5 strategies for your book.

Ask yourself these 3 questions and if you dig deep for your answers they will give you the frame for your marketing strategies.

  1. Why did you write this book? This will add a human emotional face to otherwise dry facts.
  2. Who did you write it for? This gives you your targeted audience.
  3. What are you willing to do for this book? List the definitely do promotions and the never ones too.

Is your marketing plan starting to form in your head now? Feel free to share any marketing strategies you use for your books in the comment box below.

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What Everyone Should Know to Stop Self-Sabotaging and Lessen Your Fears.

Sometimes we’re are own worst enemy. We may have the best intentions but they don’t seem to get realized. Why is that?

5 Things to changes to bring about more success and less self-sabotage. Make sure to check out the chart below of unnecessary things we fear and pick up a FREE Copy of the Writers Secrets Handbook for Success.

  • Clutter starting to take over blocking the real task at hand
  • procrastinating so you end up doing a rushed job that’s not your very best.
  • Not knowing when it’s time to take a break. Stressing yourself when you get stuck instead of moving away from it for awhile to come at it with a different approach.
  • Having unhealthy habits that makes it less likely that you will feel well enough to give it your best.
  • Not having the self confidence to know you are learning and growing and not being a fraud who’ll get left behind.
  • Not following up on leads and potential projects

Okay enough all ready. Make changes a small as just 1% in all parts of your life every day and it soon adds up to more and more successes. So stay focused and never give up.

I just wanted to add in this excellent chart from Leslie Levan Fields with 7 “Fear Nots” for Every Writing Project.



Source : Leslie Levand Fields

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7 Reasons Why You As An Author Should Be Blogging

Many people see blogs as a great place to express their opinions.

Now let’s take that one step further and look at the many other benefits blogging has for authors or want to be authors.

7 Reasons For Authors to Blog

1. You develop a following. Your new content given on a regular basis gives your readers a reason to stay connected with you and your topic.

2. You create tentacles. Write content that engages people and brings them to your website. Make sure to include your share buttons to make it easy for people to spread your content around.

3. Earn better search engine results. Google and other search engines love fresh content to categorize. The more active and relevant your blogging is the higher ranking your search results.

4 Hone your craft. To become a good writer you need to be writing and what better way then to apply your craft with your weekly blogs.

5. Produce material for future books. At www.writerssecrets.com we have developed a 7 step processes for easily creating profitable eBook going from idea to blog posting to article, chapters, eBooks and on to profits.Get in Now and catch the prelaunch special. Go to http://writerssecrets.com

6. You will get to know your industry. You’ll want to position yourself as a resource for your topic which will make you always on the lookout for news, trends, and fresh ideas relatete to your subject matter. This makes you even more of an expert and a go to person!

7. You will create interaction and community with your readers. With blogging you can have a space for people to leave comments. Your blog posts are excellent for sharing on your Facebook page too to have people sharing it. ( you do have a Facebook page right! Follow Writers Secrets at http://www.facebook.com/Writerssecrets )

Thanks to Book Baby for these tips.

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Go From Idea to Profit in This Easy 7 Step Process

Are you one of those people who have a wonderful idea and you want to write a book so you start the process.

That’s where you get lost!

What would you say if I told you that it really isn’t that difficult.

writing process made easyNot if you start from where you’re at and take it step by step.

Step 1 Take you’re idea and first turn it into a post.

Step 2 Take that post and turn it into an article.

Step 3 Take that article and turn it into a chapter .

Step 4 Repeat process for new chapters.

Step 5 Turn those chapters into a book.

Step 6 Check out where you can take that book in a previous article on Kindle Direct Publishing at: http://writerssecrets.com/?p=693

Step 7 Profit

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Now It Comes to the Editing and Proofreading. They Are Different You Know.

It’s one thing to get your stories written down but if you are looking to have them published you have two more stages to complete.


  1. Correct spelling and grammar.
  2. Check the logical flow of ideas.
  3. Check consistency of language, tone, and style.
  4. Check facts and figures.
  5. Ensure that the writer is getting the intended message across.
  6. Ensure that the work is readable.
  7. Ensure there are no obvious errors.

Then for the final stage with one last quality check you proofread.

  1. Correct inconsistent formatting in layout, which includes margins, page numbering, italics, alignment, headers and footers, quotes, paragraphing, spacing, tabs, and fonts.
  2. Correct usage of language, which includes spelling (British or American English), punctuation, grammar, hyphenation, capitalisation, abbreviations, and acronyms.

Thanks to Writers Write for these pointers.

For more details on writing a draft, editing and proofreading check out this short video.


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Tips to Get You to Your Goal of Freelance Copy-writing

Freelance copy-writing can be very lucrative but needs some dedication to be successful.

Tip # 1 Have a mentor and learn from the best.

Cash_Copy_coverPick up a copy of CASH COPY  by Dr. Jeffrey Lant and sign up for his Guaranteed Millionaire  Club at www.drjeffreylant.com



Cash_copy_funnel_pic with link 600 pix

Tip # 2 Learn how to get the most production from your efforts.

Check out an earlier post at: http://writerssecrets.com/3-ways-to-get-more-productivity-from-your-writing-efforts/

Will Newman’s  Strategies from  Will Newman for Scheduling your Copy-writing to bring you more success.

1. Look inside yourself . . .

Successful scheduling starts with knowing when you work best. You’ll want to schedule around those times of day as much as possible.

2. Gather materials . . .

To make my strategy work, you need:

  • “Butcher” paper, about 4′ by 8′
  • Index cards
  • Different colored markers
  • Yardstick
  • Space where you can spread everything out

3. Draw your weekly schedule skeleton . . .

Draw eight columns (up and down) on the butcher paper. Fill in days of the week across the top starting in the second column. Draw horizontal lines 3″ apart across the paper for times during the day.

Put times in the far left column starting an hour before you wake up. Continue with ½-hour blocks to an hour after you normally go to bed.

It should look something like this:






Find the rest of these excellent steps at the Source: American Writers and Artists Inc.

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Getting Your Stories Into Book Form and Published

writer_words_for_you_picFirst step – getting your stories written down.

Let me introduce you to Dr. Jeffrey Lant and the Writers Secrets extraordinary online writing course.

With near 7 decades of a successful writing career ,Dr. Lant is at a stage where he’s ready to pass on his knowledge, experiences, tactics, stratagems, secrets and insights it has taken him a full, rich and productive lifetime to accumulate.

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Another necessary tool is Microsoft Word used for editing and putting your content into an acceptable format for publishing on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Step 2 – Now you have your content it’s time to format it.

In comes MobiPocket software

Download their FREE eBook Creator ( pick the publisher’s edition)

I use the custom eBook creator and eCover creator available to members of Worldprofit

Kindle_direct_PublishingNow with your Word doc in hand it’s time to head over to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing – start at their help page.


They are great at guiding you though the process of publishing your eBook on their platform.

Here’s the first 3 steps. Find more info at the Source: Kindle Direct Publishing




Your Account Enter Book Information Merchandising Tips
Format Your Manuscript Design Your Cover KDP Select
Upload & Preview Your Book Kindle MatchBook
Set Rights & Pricing KDP Promotional Programs

Now you have it up and published  than it’s just a matter of helping people to find it. That’s a whole other post.