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[Video] Excerpts from “In My Own Voice. Reading from My Collected Works.” Vol. 2

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Just for you an introduction into Vol. 2 of the new “In My Own Voice” Series by Dr. Jeffrey Lant


Excerpts from the Introduction of

“In My Own Voice. Reading from My Collected Works” Vol. 2

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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“In this book, I take you to a place where every writer ought to go, but so few even know it exists. I am talking about reading aloud what you’ve written. The whole point of writing is to motivate a fellow human being, to seize their mind, their brain, their entire being, and suffuse it with your thoughts, your point of view, your unique take on the human condition, all its manifestations, and the improvements you offer.

I am a fanatic about that human voice… at ensuring that it be heard, and that it do its unique work transforming a situation from A to B, and on to C.

I have become, if not famous for, then certainly a fanatic in the matter of grabbing the mind, holding that mind, changing that mind. That is to say, being tenacious in the struggle every writer must not only engage in, but win. For make no mistake about it, a writer’s life is about struggle, pain, and the triumph of truth.

In this book, I help you deliver yourself because it is only through your skills and attributes that you can win this significant, indeed pivotal game.

What’s so important about hearing prose anyway? Won’t just reading it do?

To ask the question is to realize how silly, indeed detrimental it is. What is the reason why you write in the first place? Is it merely to pass a few hours in harmless endeavors? If you believe this, than you will never be a writer, much less a force for human improvement. So let’s be clear with each other: this book is for the fighters, the dreamers, the visionaries, the people who have a better idea, and will do whatever is necessary to implement it, and achieve the broadest possible change and recognition.

As I write this book, I feel my blood pressure rising. I think of all the would-be writers I have known. I think of the lies they tell, and oh, yes, their assertion that they are still writers indeed, when their quota of writing is small or nonexistent, and they do not go forth to fight for a better world, because such fighting makes for dirty hands… and we all wish to stay clean, don’t we? Even at the cost of truth and our God-given integrity.

So, I write this, not for the lazy and slothful, not for those who will not try hard enough, not for those whose truth is disposable, and whose integrity doesn’t exist at all.

I believe I hear a stampede to the exits about now… for you say, “That Lant character, he’s too much!” And I say back to you, you non writers, non readers, “You are too little!”

I have selected for my further remarks about the necessity of not just how to read your poetry but your prose aloud, five articles of my extensive composition, articles which I may have been the only person alive to read aloud, as if before the discerning auditors of the ancient coliseum, when a writer would step forward and assail the audience with the best language on Earth, the written language, brought to life by its creators and its affectionate followers.

When you write, you must be in that amphitheater before those hopeful and critical crowds. You must take every skill you possess so that the auditors of your privileged audience may be touched by the fire that you bring. Now, as you ready yourself to bring the words to life, you transcend beyond mere writer, beyond a slinger of words and phrases, and you become the Messenger of God, touched by nobility and the hand of possibility.

Why did the creator give us a brain, and the capacity for touching souls, and transforming situations of no merit whatsoever into our new, better realities?

Why indeed.

I’m going to, now, make sundry remarks on the five stories I have chosen for this all important point… the best prose, the best poetry, is read aloud and necessarily involves you, the reader, the performer, the enlightener. Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage”. What he meant by that was that each of us, particularly those who christen themselves writers, have within us the power to transform, to change, not just in picayune ways, but radical, and that this ability does not just exist here, but everywhere you bring it, in whatever format you use.

We have, through our discerning brain, the power… but do we have the will?

One of the saddest things one can see is a poet or writer who burns within… who sees the great fires down the great vistas, and knows he can make the world a better place through his constant application, but does not do so, for terror, fright, horror, anxiety, and alarm… these take precedence among the cowardly, and it is these cowardly you must eschew, for they bring us nothing but defeat, ignominious, spineless, disgraceful.

I dedicate these next lines to you, fair-weather writer. You say your vision is pure, but who would know, since you scarcely share it with us, and then, in a shuffle-footed way. Writers, if you have something to say, for God’s sake, say it!

Do not rely on a single word of approbation, encouragement, or enthusiasm. This is not what you live for, if you are more than a fair-weather scribbler. You dream for change! You dream for transformation, or transcendence, for the better thing that your choice language may open up to the rest of us! Your language and how you deliver it is the engine of the change you say you want. Remember, you work for God.

And so it pains me when I see particularly young writers, the ones who should be fueled by sacred fire, when I see them throwing in the sponge in such early days because they want the compliment, and not the victory. As I said, I have chosen just five articles out of my vast array, and I intend to give you some worthy instruction about what I’ve written, what you’ve read, what it all means, and how you can benefit.

Let us start with a story of fortitude…”

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey Lant is known worldwide. He started in the media business when he was 5 years old, a Kindergartner in Downers Grove, Illinois, publishing his first newspaper article. Since then Dr. Lant has earned four university degrees, including the PhD from Harvard. He has taught at over 40 colleges and universities and is quite possibly the first to offer satellite courses. He has written over 50 books, thousands of articles and been a welcome guest on hundreds of radio and television programs. He has founded several successful corporations and businesses including his latest at …writerssecrets.com

His memoirs “A Connoisseur’s Journey” has garnered nine literary prizes that ensure its classic status. Its subtitle is “Being the artful memoirs of a man of wit, discernment, pluck, and joy.” A good read by this man of so many letters. Such a man can offer you thousands of insights into the business of becoming a successful writer. Be sure to sign up now at www.writerssecrets.co

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