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Excerpts from “Harvard, Oh Harvard” with the Power of Observation

Michael Harris had the privileged of visiting Dr. Jeffrey Lant at his home in Cambridge Massachusetts, right across from the Harvard Law School and wrote a beautiful passage which I’ll share part with you now.

These are the moments that I will most remember because it is Dr. Lant himself, who taught me how to fine tune my powers of observation. I have told Dr. Lant many times that his most poignant tool in his craft was his acute ability to pull meaning from almost meaningless situations to the untrained eye. Dr. Lant taught me that every moment has a meaning and a message. And those messages could range from a tender flower petal falling gently to the ground. From the vivacious colors of the simplest flower crying out to make itself known. Even to the whistling of the cold winter wind on the coldest wintry night. These are the details we so often miss. But not Dr. Lant. The acuteness of his eye is so ever present, watching, gazing, even on the slightest twitch of a muscle or an eye. My teacher, my friend, Dr. Lant was about to take me on a journey I had not expected.

See Michael’s complete write up shared at IBO Social at: http://www.ibosocial.com/drmehsr/pressrelease.aspx?prid=507234#.V0h36IdymU4.twitter

Dr. Lant stresses that point of taking in all the details around you in his Writers Secrets Course available at: http://writerssecrets.co

See more tips at: http://writerssecrets.com/writers-secrets-tips/

all information is important picTake in all that information for every bit of information is grist for the mill when writing and will enrich your stories.

Thank you Michael for sharing your story!

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