Using the Power of the Internet and Tech Tools to Get Your Word Out…

The power of the internet has opened so many doors along with

Wonderful to have so many tech tools out there for writers.

Here is an awesome one called Creatavist that I learned about at Writers Circles plus Amazon’s new Storywriting Web App. Info below

Check it out and let me know what you think –

Tech Tools for Writers: Creatavist

Creatavist recognizes that powerful stories can be told through a blend of text, images, audio and video. The emphasis is on multimedia. Writers with a flair for aesthetics will find Creatavist an ideal medium for producing and publishing great stories.

You can use Creatavist to publish an ebook, a magazine issue, a news report, a case study. You can even use it to create an app. Giants such as The Wall Street Journal and The Paris Review have already taken advantage of it to publish a variety of work. Creatavist’s slogan is “Storytelling without limits,” and the catchphrase certainly sums up what you experience in the final product. Here’s a great example of a magazine-style Creatavist story, and another sample story that seamlessly ties together text and audio.

If your interest is piqued, get started by creating a free account.

Read more at the source: Writers Circles

Amazon_StorywriterAmazon’s New Storywriter Web App

On November 19th, Amazon launched their new Storywriter web application. But the app isn’t just a publishing platform, it’s a composition tool too!

The application helps break up the the tedium of screenplay formatting. Anyone who’s ever attempted to write a screenplay, a teleplay, or even a traditional play understands how frustrating they can be to compose. Each type of text has its own margins it adheres to and it’s own capitalization. The “tab” and “return” are heavily used to make everything adhere to its proper form. However irritating they seem, all of these formatting stipulations are crucial to the medium. They signal to readers (more specifically actors and directors) what is happening in the script. Underlining, capitalizing, and indenting show the reader what each line means.

Amazon’s Storywriter makes formatting extremely easy. The platform is stripped down so writers can focus on their writing without getting distracted. All that users have to do is click on the type of text they want to include, which Amazon includes in a convenient sidebar. Each option only needs to be clicked to trigger the proper formatting.

Read more at the source of this info: Writers Circles

A new screenwriting experience brought to you by Amazon Studios
Write your screenplay and focus on the just writing the story 
• Auto-formatting does the work for you
• Store your scripts securely and access them anywhere with 
unlimited cloud storage
• Write your screenplays online and offline
• Import and export your screenplays in PDF, FDX, and 
Fountain formats
• Submit your finished screenplay to Amazon Studios for 

Source of photo and information Google Chrome Store.

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