‘All I want is a whole lot of excess!’ The joy — and exhilarating successes –that come to marketers with determination and ‘just a little touch of star quality!’ Is that you?

Eva Peron, marketer

Eva Peron, marketer

by  Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

Author’s program note. I confess to a naughty obsession. Its name is Andrew Lloyd Webber. Father forgive me, but he’s a truly larger than life phenomenon, talent oozing from every pore.

Born March 22, 1948 (thus still — just — on the sunny side of Social Security) he hasn’t space enough in his many ultra-chic pads for his seven Tony Awards, three Grammy Awards, an Academy Award, fourteen  Ivor Norvello Awards, seven Olivier Awards, a Golden Globe, and the Kennedy Center Honors in 2006. Oh, yes, for the nonce, he is also Knight Bachelor of the Realm and made (in 1997) a Lord Baron by Her Majesty Betty Windsor. She confessed to humming his tunes whilst reigning beneficence on her truncated empire. Wow!

And as for desirable lifestyle… this single fact should suffice. I was present at the London auction of his stupendous vintages. Not merely many and famous names but true elixirs of the gods. Quick, can you say “Chateau Lafite Rothschild ’38”? Cheers.

A man with so much… knows the secret of how to get even more. But, of course, if he tells anything at all about how he does it, his methods, his stratagems and tactics you might succeed like him. Thus if he reveals any such secrets at all, it is with exceeding care and the utmost discretion. And so with his lordship (as with so many of the world’s favored) you must learn to read portents and auguries to discern the secrets of his success, a success you are right to desire and covet, for such bounty is well worth the having and its lack provoking in the extreme…. But no one knows that better than you do. Aggravating, isn’t it?


You know “Evita”. It began its astonishing and ultra lucrative career as a rock opera concept in 1976 and first burst upon the London stage in 1978. Great ladies of music, including Elaine Paige, Patty LuPone and Madonna have been grateful for its existence, for such a soaring vehicle allowed them to strut their stuff before universal audiences of enthusiasm and discernment.

“Evita” is many things… great story, great music, great lyrics (by Tim Rice), great theatre, and…. a great learning vehicle for marketers who want maximum success. The score of “Evita” is packed with sage advice on how to begin with nothing and end up with a “whole lot of excess”, a happy situation which most can only imagine, if even that.

But one particular song delivers particularly crucial insights into marketing which, quite simply, you miss at your peril. That song is “Buenos Aires”, with its impetuous, infectious Latin-style sound. Go find it in any search engine now. Then listen carefully to every word, for this tune offers the secret to the business success which has so far eluded you. And so be prepared to master success one pulsating beat at a time… Ole’!

The story.

“Evita”, musical production, is the story of Eva Duarte. “Buenos Aires”, tune, is the story of young Evita’s move from the desolate, though often awe-inspiring, Argentine pampas to one of the great cities of the Americas.  In this woman, in this place a momentous tale unfolds… magnificent, squalid, triumphant, despicable, inspiring, despairing… and packed with insights for success seekers everywhere. And that, I believe you said, includes you.

What Eva Duarte brought to the table.

Whatever you think about your current economic situation, your rotten job or lack thereof, your impecunious state, your penurious and even perilous circumstances Eva commenced her life in 1919 with less, far, far less. She was female, thereby instantly devalued in Argentina’s prevailing machismo culture; she was illegitimate in a land that venerated patriarch, blood lines and family. She was poor…  uneducated… a country bumpkin… a girl that girls eschewed as beneath their notice; “fast”; “no better than she should be”… while boys boldly looked at her with anything other than respect. She was fair game for “wild oats”. It was a very weak hand to play the very great game she made all her own.

But she had assets, one minor, the other determinative. The minor advantage was how she looked. Here she was God-favored and reasonably fortunate. I say “reasonably” because her physical presentation (before she discovered the alchemy of cosmetics and haute couture) was based on youth, health, and exercise; a winning combination most girls lost before they had any real inkling how to use it, all too frequently ending up in the ignominy and despair of a home for unwed mothers.

Not Evita.

For her determinative factor trumped all. She was, quite simply, a force of nature, always focused, always ascending, willing to go anywhere, “befriend” anyone, do anything. And this for Evita Duarte meant Buenos Aires, men (increasingly rich, powerful and well-connected), and (pricey) availability. The words Tim Rice, master lyricist, gave Evita are apposite, apt, absolutely spot-on: “All I want is a whole lot of excess.” It was a credo from which she never deviated… and it brought astonishing upwardly mobile rewards, not the least of which was proof positive that she was sharp as a tack about people and how to manipulate them, especially into seeing her as she wanted to be seen, an invaluable trait for an arriviste from no where with a hankering for earthly power and celestial sainthood.

For Evita every step up revealed just how very possible it all was if one took the trouble not merely to imagine just how things could be better… but use every minute and each talent to make them so. And this is why I am writing this article… because whatever you think of her mendacity, her politics, her rifling the treasury at will to pay for gowns, jewels, furbelows she’d only wear once, if that, the lady was always an object lesson in the number 1 objective of every business person with dreams and gumption; she delivered success.

Evita Peron, you see, was a natural born marketer. And here, too, his clever lordship and lyric side kick got it absolutely right, for they gave Evita and husband Juan Peron, dictator, the song that transforms a mediocre marketer into a champ: “I’d be surprisingly good for you.” For the really good marketers are supreme in getting prospects to see desirable benefits and not the cost of getting them… oh, yes, the real Evita, the fictional Evita could do that; whatever it took to make the deal, make the sale, make the profit.

The acid test.

Now what about you? Let’s see if you even begin to have what it takes to succeed in marketing, especially online marketing.

Do you promote your business every single day without exception? Evita would have regarded doing so as a privilege; you probably see it as cruel and unusual  punishment. If so, you’re finished before you start.

Do you expect to work just standard business hours, expecting them to produce exceptional business success? Evita stayed until the job was done, her objective achieved. Any complaints she may have had were between the lady and her God; quite different from your incessant, interminable, inconsolable, acrid jeremiads, the words, their frequency, their pettiness firmly establishing you as anything but a worthy player.

Do you fashion offers that ensure business? Evita understood that the first offer to a prospect might fail; the second offer might fail; the thirtieth offer might fail but each failed offer brought her that much closer to the offer that must succeed… for if the offer motivates, the sale must follow.

And do you bring joy to your work? Do you bring, that is, the ability to transform the impossible into the likely; the likely into the certain by smile power, attracting people through bliss and cheerful welcome, not churlish condescension? Evita Peron did. She had, after all, “just a little touch of star quality” and realized that her advance was always possible only to the extent she managed to help them… dream… and advance.

Now let us go back to the essential beginning of her short, impacting life, for she died in 1952, just 33. So much to do, so little time, so much achieved; surprisingly good for so many… now including you….

“Put me down for a lifetime of success.”

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