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Mimi Alford, deflowered at age 19 by President Kennedy.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Author’s program note. Just when you think the story cannot possibly get any more shocking…. it does. And this time, it shows President John Fitzgerald Kennedy exercising his undoubted droit de seigneur, using his over used marital bed to deflower a clueless 19 year old virgin, sexual plaything, to be used for and at the President’s bidding.

For this smutty story, I have selected Cole Porter’s 1938 tune “My heart belongs to daddy.” Find it now in any search engine… and listen to its insinuating tune and lyrics. I prefer the version by Valaida Snow.

The Facts.

In 1962 a wide-eyed ingenue named Mimi Alford got a plum position as intern in the Kennedy White House. She was young, dazzled, a virgin who had never been kissed, a top drawer social registry type… not bad looking either, although that wasn’t her most important feature. No, that would have been her instant availability… and complete discretion and unquestioning acceptance… whatever happened.

Mimi’s job description as intern probably read like that of every other Washington intern in history: go-fer, errand girl, always available, ready to do whatever, go wherever, to smile, and above all to obey without question.

Come swim with the President.

As such when she was, on only her fourth day, summoned to swim with the Leader of the Free World, she didn’t say why me. She said, when shall I be there? And from such unquestioning acquiescence everything else emanated. She was unquestioning, too, when premier go-fer and ultimate loyalist Dave Powers plied her with drinks. Down the hatch, whatever you say, sir. Then, in her alcoholic haze… the President of the Great Republic… a man on a (very fast) mission.

According to Alford’s just published memoir “Once Upon A Secret”, it was a forced encounter of the “wham bang, thank you ma’am” variety. The President maneuvered her to his marital bed, shoved her down, and without kiss, cuddle, or hardly a single word had his way with her…

And as he did, he put his presidency, his reputation, his entire life in the hands of a young lady (for she was that) who, thereby, became (in this way) the most powerful person on earth…

… but never knew it, never exploited it, never told anyone (especially not her parents) what had happened… waiting a half century before (at age 68) spilling the beans.

And maybe that is the real story… that Mimi Alford thought nothing out of line, even now, at what JFK did to her… unceremoniously, without any tenderness whatsoever, stripped her of her virginity… the word “rape” hanging in the air, a victim used, used whenever the Lord of Camelot deigned to think of her and demand instant relief.

This sordid situation, he summoning, he demanding, she unquestioning, she accommodating — and all regarded as perfectly normal and acceptable — went on for 18 months, until Lee Harvey Oswald stopped it; until then Dave Powers was charged by the President with arranging assignations however, wherever JFK wanted them… and he wanted them often, and always in ways that reduced sweet Mimi Alford to raw meat and nothing more.

And then it got worse, if that is possible. According to Alford, the President not only insisted on oral sex for himself… he commanded that Mimi so service Powers whilst he watched and savored… to their mutual embarrassment and shame. And so Camelot grew fetid and in need of strong lye soap.

And no one, absolutely no one thought this unusual or exceptional in any way whatsoever.

And so the Lord of Camelot had agent Powers deliver the girl upon request, just like Louis XV of France at the Parc aux Cerfs. “What does your majesty value most in a woman,” he was once asked, “Availability” was the trenchant reply… and no doubt JFK concurred.

And what of the little woman?

What was Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy doing as her errant lord rutted? For she knew, must have known, of this and the many other flagrant indiscretions.

She took refuge in what so many wronged ladies had done before: she passed her time as best she could and with what satisfaction she might… remodeling the White House, returning it to its pristine elegance and refinement. And so the piquant image takes shape…

Jackie Kennedy, chic, mistress of garment, coiffeur, jewel and hauteur, put her talents as interior designer to work, creating the necessary backdrop for the royal image she insisted she would have… whilst her husband, randy, careless, took every risk for a wisp of pleasure, thumbing his nose at every convention, selfish, hurtful to wife, confident that everything he did, whenever he did it, to whomever he did it to would be confidential, privileged, covered up, forgiven, forgotten.

So was Camelot born, a Camelot far from the one we knew… but believe in no longer.

So what then are we to deduce from this latest sordidness?

First, that JFK was expert in selecting just the people he needed to live the life he wanted. For, as this tale proves, he selected the perfect wife from whom he could expect complete and utter loyalty, whatever he did to affront their marriage; whatever he did to abase and humiliate her. She not only stood beside him, she accepted all his blatant behavior, whatever he did…

And he was able, such was his charm and charisma, to get men like Powers to do his bidding, even when it disgusted and diminished them.

And, of course, Kennedy, too, knew how to pick just the right women, the malleable women, the women star-struck by their practiced seducer, willing to do his bidding, grateful for even the smallest crumb from his table; accepting of the little they got, never asking for more.

And so their hearts, all their hearts, their loyalties and sworn faiths belonged to Daddy “Cause my daddy, he treats it so well.”

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