[Video] THE Original “Money Making Marketing” Course with Dr. Jeffrey Lant – Tune in here…

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The Original Money Making Marketing Course!

The FIRST LIVE satellite marketing program!

Sponsored by Oklahoma State University!

Co-Sponsored by 40 colleges and universities!

Played round the nation!

The program that launched presenter Dr. Jeffrey Lant
and his series of money-making resources, 50 books

Four hours long. Everything you need to know to start mastering
marketing today!
(Two two-hour segments).

Comes with the over 200 page course text, “Money
Making Marketing“. We call it a text book. You’ll call
it a cash machine.

You will never wonder again what marketing is
and how to use it to your advantage.

And best of all, you get all this for just $49.95.

What are you waiting for!

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Money Making Marketing: Finding the people who need what you’re
selling and making sure they buy it.“.

We call it a text book. You’ll call it a cash machine.

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One thought on “[Video] THE Original “Money Making Marketing” Course with Dr. Jeffrey Lant – Tune in here…

  1. Dr. Jeffrey Lant is a wonderful individual which such an amazing Depth of Knowledge, Skills, and is a Master of the English language and History. He has not only been a Great Mentor, but a Dear Friend to me and because of him I have developed into a highly skilled Business Builder and Marketer. Anyone who wants to know exactly how to build their business and become an expert marketer then make sure to connect with Dr. Lant and you will easily see what I mean.

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