World’s Biggest Mother’s Day Card

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7 thoughts on “World’s Biggest Mother’s Day Card

  1. Mum remains alive in my mind by saying hello to her in my mind every morning. So, Mother’s day is just another day that exists for me to acknowledge her contribution to my life.

  2. I love to hear the tales from my mother’s and grandmother’s earlier days.
    Sitting on mom’s bed, curled up with the huge stuffed Tony the Tiger, she’d tell tales of her grandfather, the sea captain, bringing back exotic gifts like pet monkeys.
    I love to sit at grandma’s table and hear the stories, like how she met grandpa, the handsome caller at the square dance and how she wondered if he could ever like a scronny thing like her.
    I think of all mom gave to me, making sure I grew up strong and healthy. getting me through all those illnesses and injuries.
    A professional women but always had time to show us the dance moves she knew and oh how we loved it when she showed us her tap dancing, we just had to learn that too.
    The thing I cherish most though is the unconditional love I was given.

  3. I find myself saying what she said. I find myself thinking about her thoughts she shared with me. I find myself passionate about the things she believed in. I find myself doing what she instructed me to do. I can’t see her, feel her tender touch, hear her strong voice, or peer back into her eyes like when she wanted my total attention. I can call her everyday physically like I use to do. But I find myself talking to her more than ever. And then the miracle happens again and again. I feel her presence because she is locked away in my heart. Some things death cannot destroy. And one day, I will see her again.

  4. Every Year, for the past 30 plus years, I find myself agonizing, yet again.
    What do I get my Mom for Mother’s Day? I spend an immense amount of time poring over the Hallmark section,
    searching for that special card that says it all. As I walk up to the counter, either teary-eyed or smiling,
    I can’t help but feel what I know in my heart…no card or gift will ever replace just being in the presence,
    and spending a day with Mom.

    Doing Anything BUT Shopping.

    Oh, how my Mom tried. Whether it be new school clothes, new shoes, new “anything”.
    I had the perfect knack of glancing inside a store, without entering, and knowing there was nothing there.
    Exasperated, she took me to Toronto for a weekend. My only recollection is… we had so much fun… we got lost…
    I saw my first homeless person that I decided to “gift”…and I went home, happy, with no new clothes.

    Hence, years later…

    Mom and I Shopping..

    Glaring at the cane I so rudely forced upon her, giving her a choice- cane or walker, or no ride, she conceded.
    On, or near abouts our 4th grocery store stop, we came across a young father, with his baby daughter.

    Imagine just how surprised, and shocked I was, when she looked at the baby, smiled, and said “Oh look at her. she is just so beautiful”
    then turned to the baby’s father, and right in front of me, stated with the utmost sincerity, what I am sure was a tad of regret,
    the old mom memory surfacing again, “Enjoy it while you can!”

    As we continued down the aisles, it was a revelation. I just never knew what an eye she had for finding the best bargains.
    How I wished she had shared this amazing insight with me years ago. I could have been rich enough to provide her with her own Personal Shopper.
    Oh how it brings back memories of our shopping trips together, trying to dress me properly for school.

    “Miles To Go Before I Sleep”

    We met up yet again with the young father and baby daughter. I saw the perfect opportunity to give myself peace of mind,
    that I was mistaken. Of course I had misunderstood the stark admission my mom had made. I said, “Look Mom, there’s the beautiful little baby girl,
    just like your daughter”. Without a second hesitation, she said “That was years ago”.

    Then I knew. That darn cane ruined everything. Karma!! Kismet!!
    And I knew my Mom knew the answer all along.
    Let It Be. Mother Mary Shines on Me
    In my hour of darkness, there is still a light that shines on me.
    Speaking Words of Wisdom. Let It Be. Let It Be. There will be an answer. Let It Be.

  5. Happy Mothers Day to our Moms, Grandmas and Nanas.
    We love you very much. You will always be in our hearts.
    Hugs and kisses

  6. Love you mom, you’re the best, I can think of no other words that are needed to be said!

    Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the mother’s out there as well, you guys are the foundation for all of humanity!

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