Writers Secrets Releases FREE Book on Boston Marathon Bombing “Boston, April 15, 2013. Too Painful to Remember. Too Important to Forget.”

An intimate account of the Boston Marathon bombing by the only journalist within the perimeter.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant reporting from the inside for CNN.

This is a gripping first person account from the well known author, journalist and commentator.

Dr. Lant was a resident in Cambridge as the new war was delivered to his very doorstep. His whole neighborhood was put in lock-down. Dr. Lant was the only journalist inside the lock-down perimeter. All other journalists were kept interned by police and military authorities and had no direct access to the unfolding events.

Dr. Lant was there, on the spot in a situation reminiscent of Edward R. Murrow and his famous broadcasts during the London Blitz in 1940.

This book and Dr. Lant’s unique way of telling the story bring you inside one of the tragedies of this generation.

You are there as were the over one billion worldwide (numbers provided through CNN) who through CNN were able to follow the gripping story, the insights, the drama and the murderous events.

To commemorate the third anniversary of Boston Marathon Bombing

Dr. Lant and Writers Secrets bring the story directly to you

in this book given freely to you and the world.

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ebook cover Boston BombingRemembering on the 3rd Anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing…

FREE eBook –

“Boston, April 15, 2013

Too painful to remember.

Too important to forget.”

Share and Keep the Memory Alive.

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