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20 Writing Tips To Help You Master the Art Of Writing

1)Blue room having a place of your own
Have a writing place, a room or even just a desk that’s used only for your writing.
For more on this tip with unique places some famous authors have chosen for their writing sanctuary….

Setting Up Your Personal Writing Sanctuary



blue room preparing to write

Have all your writing supplies, reference books, everything you need to write handy.

Checklist of 7 things to make sure you have handy when preparing to write at: http://writerssecrets.com/ready-to-get-writing-then-oh-darn-i-need-my-checklist-of-what-writers-need/

3) Never take phone calls or other interruptions during your writing time.

all information is important pic

4) Train yourself to take in all you’re experiencing for all information is valuable at some point.


5) Do some eavesdropping, listening to people’s conversations.  This helps when writing to include conversations that sound like they came from real life!


6) As a travel writer know you are a symbol of where you have been and where you are going.

Travel Writer pic  7) Start off on the right foot by taking an extraordinary writing course like Writers Secrets with Dr. Jeffrey Lant available at: http://writerssecrets.co

starting_off_on_the_right_foot8) To deal with writers block you need to be energetic. Being ready for whenever the block lifts.

writers block pic




9) Key area of marketing — copywriting — must be mastered. Being able to select and present the words that get people to stop, pay attention to what you’re saying and then buy. 4 words that delivers copy that sells – You Get Benefit Now

copywriting tips success pic

10) Blogging tips – Blog about what you know, Write about specifics, no need for grammatical perfection, Keep posts short and to the point, Always, conclude your post with a Resource Box.

blog tips pic

11) Secret to Power Writing – Reciting and Rewriting

tips power writing12) Holiday Writing – Make it EVERGREEN. Reuse, re-position, reiterate, republish.

make it evergreen13) Work smart – enhancing the value of your writing.

work_smartr_smallPhoto source via Mast Photos

Questions to ask
Questions to ask

14)Ask the obvious question.

With writing any bit of information is grist for the mill.

Take that information and ask-
What venues can I use this info in?
Blog posts, articles, info graphs, videos, what?

15) Train your mind – write on a piece of paper what you want to achieve in your writing and put it under your pillow. Your mind will work on it in the night. Upon waking write down what your mind is giving you.

info_graphic retention of ideas complete

15) To be a better copywriter, read great copy and nothing is better then Cash Copy available at http://writerssecrets.co/products/cash-copy

Cash_Copy_cover16) Write your ideas down ASAP. Keep little notepads handy to write your idea down when they are fresh. Keep one in your pocket, purse, counter, by your bed, coffee table, desk, car, EVERYWHERE! Never lose another idea again for you have them in writing!

17) facebook post Dr. Lant and Max personified best 3


18) Go, get your message and stories out to the world!

facebook pic do something worth writing


Your work doesn’t have to be used just for one thing. Re-purpose.

Your blog post could be recombined into articles.

Take your articles and combine them into new books,

Take fragments of your books and use them for posts or articles.

Those articles could be turned into podcasts.

Other things to look at for re-purposing is interviews you may have done, power points you created.

Get the idea?


20) Read your writing aloud for cadence, elegance and balance.

Each word has a value. Learn the art of moving people. When to push a word. When to pull it. When to let a word lie flat and when to take it up.

Here’s a good example for making your writing sing from Writers Write:


















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Journaling is a fun and rewarding way to document the life’s happenings. It helps one to understand who they were then, who they are now and who they want to be in the future. Journaling can help a person find answers and insight to things affecting their lives. It can help them clear their mind of struggles, savor their accomplishments and much, much more.

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